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Challenger's Promenade

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Challenger's Promenade

The Challenger's Promenade, also known as the Promenade of Bones,[1] is an area just southeast of the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus. Arena competitors, trainers, trainees, enthusiasts, and vendors gather here to prepare for events, meet storied champions, or simply make a profit.

A group of brokers can be found here as well. Au'narim serves as the head broker to the arena,[2] supplying exotic combatants from other realms to give the Maldraxxi firsthand combat experience.[3] One of the brokers' containment spheres, which they use to hold these creatures, is kept at the Challenger's Promenade. A broker's backing can help an aspiring fighter earn an invitation to compete in the arena.[2]

Notable NPCs


  • Next to the brokers in the area, there is usually one of the rotating bosses for the Theater of Pain that is not up for that given week. However, sometimes a sha Dread Lurker is seen next to them.

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