The Chamber of Summoning

The Chamber of Summoning is located inside Scholomance, immediately after the Jandice Barov fight. There, Boneweavers are summoning Woven Boneguards to harass Lilian Voss under the direction of Darkmaster Gandling.

Once all of the Boneweavers are defeated, Gandling and Voss exit the room to the west, and Rattlegore is formed out of all of the fallen bones.


In Classic, the Chamber of Summoning is found just past the Reliquary. It leads on to a lower level with the large unnamed main chamber branching off into three directions below. The Chamber of Summoning is full of necromancers who continuously summon skeletons to serve their bidding. Access to the Scholomance balcony, where one can battle the evil gargoyle Kirtonos the Herald, is also found in this chamber.

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