Champion's Oath

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NeutralChampion's Oath
Start Soridormi
End Soridormi
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Category Hyjal Summit
Reputation +350 Scale of the Sands
Rewards [Band of Eternity]
Previous N [30] Champion's Vow
Next N [30] Champion's Covenant


Bring your [Band of Eternity] to Soridormi at the Caverns of Time after obtaining Revered reputation with the Scale of the Sands.


You've carried out the promise you made to us, <name>. And for that you've gained the recognition you deserve.

As you continue to become attuned with past events surrounding mount Hyjal, I can continue to tap into the power contained in your ring. It won't be long until it has reached its full potential.


You will receive:
Inv jewelry ring 54.png [Band of Eternity]


You've returned. You wish to speak to me?


You are a worthy ally indeed. As you grow in power so does the band of eternity!


  1. N [30] Champion's Pledge
  2. N [30] Champion's Vow
  3. Champion's Oath
  4. N [30] Champion's Covenant

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