NeutralChampion: Akama
End Akama
Level 10-45
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards Champion: Akama
Previous N Demon hunter [10-45] Into Our Ranks


I am encouraged that we have come to an understanding. I admired Altruis when he opposed the direction Illidan was taking all those years ago. While the annihilation of the Burning Legion is of paramount importance, in the process, we must not become that which we hope to destroy.

If you would have me as a champion, I will bring all of my knowledge to bear on the task at hand. With time, I believe that we might even come to trust each other.


You will gain these followers:


This quest is only available if you sided with Altruis the Sufferer for N Demon hunter [8-45] A New Direction. If you chose Kayn Sunfury, you'll get N Demon hunter [10-45] Champion: Shade of Akama instead.

Quest completion
Akama says: I will do all I can to ensure our war against the Legion is successful. Make certain you do the same.


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