Champion: Asha Ravensong (quest)

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NeutralChampion: Asha Ravensong
End Asha Ravensong
Level 101 - 110 (Requires 101)
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards  [Champion: Asha Ravensong]
Previous N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
Next N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Things Gaardoun Needs


You want me to be one of your champions?

<Asha thoughtfully ponders your request a moment.>

I accept, but on one condition. I want you to put me into field duty. While I am of use here on the Fel Hammer, my talents will be put to better use back on Azeroth.

Beyond that, I trust that the plan is still to bring the Burning Legion to its knees?


You will gain these followers:


Quest completion
Asha Ravensong says: Thank you, <name>. I will not let you down.


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