Champion: Kayn Sunfury (quest)

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NeutralChampion: Kayn Sunfury
End Kayn Sunfury
Level 101 - 110 (Requires 101)
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards  [Champion: Kayn Sunfury]
Previous N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
Next N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Things Gaardoun Needs


An honor, <name>. Of course I will serve as your champion and second-in-command. Could it have been any other way?

We have only just begun to move forward with the master's plan, but already, you have made great strides. If we are to defeat the Burning Legion, we must remain vigilant. Any other goal pales in comparison. The fate of everything hangs in the balance.

At the end of the day, we will stand victorious... no matter the cost!


You will gain these followers:


Quest completion
Kayn Sunfury says: You honor me.


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