Champion: Lilian Voss (Legion)

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For the Battle for Azeroth version, see H [120] Champion: Lilian Voss.
HordeChampion: Lilian Voss
End Lilian Voss
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Rogue Campaign
Rewards Champion: Lilian Voss
Previous N Rogue [110] Meld Into the Shadows
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A Rogue [110] Champion: Tess Greymane.


You made quick work of those demons, and I hope you do the same to many more. So long as the Legion extends their influence on our world, they will continue to corrupt our people as well.

I would like to continue to work with you to end this madness. My blades are yours, Shadowblade.


You will gain these followers:

  • Champion: Lilian Voss


Once you have turned in this quest, return to Maiev Shadowsong at Deliverance Point in Broken Shore to complete N [110] Champions of Legionfall.

Completing this quest also unlocks N Rogue [110] Further Advancement, a bread crumb quest to encourage you to research new Order Advancement traits for your Class Hall.

Quest completion
Lilian Voss says: You will not regret this choice, Shadowblade. I will take out any Legion demon or conspirator who crosses my path!


  1. B Rogue [110] The Pirate's Bay
  2. Complete all of:
  3. N Rogue [110] Fit For a Pirate
  4. B Rogue [110] Jorach's Calling
  5. N Rogue [110] A Bit of Espionage
  6. B Rogue [110] Rise Up
  7. B Rogue [110] This Time, Leave a Trail
  8. N Rogue [110] Meld Into the Shadows
  9. A Rogue [110] Champion: Tess Greymane / H [110] Champion: Lilian Voss

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