NeutralChampion: Minerva Ravensorrow
End Minerva Ravensorrow
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Rewards N Death knight [45] Champion: Minerva Ravensorrow
Previous N Death knight [45] We Ride!


Look, I may be dead and my lungs may serve no purpose, but raising Daumyr to undeath was like a breath of fresh air for me. I ask that you continue to take me under your guidance. Bring me to the battlefield again! I will scatter the bones of any demon that so much as looks at me.


You will gain these followers:

  • N Death knight [45] Champion: Minerva Ravensorrow


Once you have turned in this quest, return to Maiev Shadowsong at Deliverance Point in Broken Shore to complete N [45] Champions of Legionfall.

Completing this quest also unlocks N Death knight [45] Further Advancement, a bread crumb quest to encourage you to research new Order Advancement traits for your Class Hall.

Quest completion
Minerva Ravensorrow says: Together we'll shatter the bones of countless demons!


  1. N Death knight [45] Making Preparations
  2. N Death knight [45] Severing the Sveldrek & N Death knight [45] Harnessing Power
  3. N Death knight [45] Return to Acherus
  4. N Death knight [45] The Peak of Bones
  5. N Death knight [45] From Bones They Rise & N Death knight [45] Thorim's Flame
  6. N Death knight [45] The Bonemother
  7. N Death knight [45] On Daumyr's Wings
  8. N Death knight [45] We Ride!
  9. N Death knight [45] Champion: Minerva Ravensorrow

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