NeutralChampion: Shade of Akama
End Shade of Akama
Level 103 - 110 (Requires 103)
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards Champion: Shade of Akama
Previous N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Into Our Ranks


I have always admired Illidan's singular vision. After all, the annihilation of the Burning Legion is of paramount importance. Nothing else matters. Nothing else can be allowed to stand in our way.

You will take me as your champion. In return, I will bring all of my knowledge and power to bear on the task at hand. In time, we will destroy all of our enemies... perhaps even Akama as well?


You will gain these followers:


This quest is only available if you sided with Kayn Sunfury for N Demon hunter [8-45] A New Direction. If you chose Altruis the Sufferer, you'll get N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Champion: Akama instead.

Quest completion
Shade of Akama says: I know everything Akama knows, and more. I look forward to us working together to destroy the Legion.


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