For the quest, see N [50] Champions of Azeroth.
NeutralChampions of Azeroth
Chamber of Heart.jpg
Main leader  Magni Bronzebeard
Status Active

Champions of Azeroth is a faction located in the Wound and the Chamber of Heart in Silithus. They are primarily made up of shaman of the Earthen Ring and druids from the Cenarion Circle. Their goal is to heal Azeroth from the damage caused by Sargeras with his sword.

Faction description

Enlisted by Magni Bronzebeard, the Champions of Azeroth seek to heal the wounds caused by Sargeras' burning blade and save a dying world.



Magni Bronzebeard
<The Speaker>
Rep Item Cost Type Other
Honored  [Drape of the Azerothian Champion] 1,100g Back
Revered  [Shard of Azerite] 100 Polished Pet Charm Companion
 [Drop of Azerite] 200 Polished Pet Charm Companion
Exalted  [Champions of Azeroth Tabard] 625g Tabard
Azerothian Champion's Crown 2,250g Head
Azerothian Champion's Spaulders 2,250g Shoulder
Helm of the Azerothian Champion 2,250g Head
 [Vest of the Azerothian Champion] 2,250g Chest
Paragon  [Azerite Firework Launcher] Special Toy


  • This faction was initially named Voice of Azeroth during early alpha.

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