Charged Ranishu Antennae has a chance to drop from Ranishu Nibblers and Ranishu Ravagers at the Bone Pit in Vol'dun. It can only drop for player characters that have completed the prerequisite quests for [Get Hek'd].

Upon looting Charged Ranishu Antennae, the player receives a whisper from Jani:

A Guttural Voice whispers: What is it you have there, richmon? A shiny trinket for ol' Jani? Bring it closer...

The player can then head to the Mysterious Trashpile inside an alcove on the south side of the Court of Zak'rajan,[47, 46.6] interact with it to commune with Jani, and turn in the item:

Greetin's, richmon. Have ya brought somethin' staticky and sharp to da Shrine of Scavengers?
  • Gossip Release me.
  • Gossip I have a shiny trinket for you, Jani.

Selecting the latter option will cause Jani to release the player back into the real world and leave a Jani's Stash that can be looted for 5-25 [War Resources], 40-60 [Azerite], 7  [Axebeak Feather],  [Kyanite], 2  [Chipped Trophy Tusk],  [Viridium], 2  [Tusk Wax], 8  [Worthless Piece of Red Glass],  [Glittering Earring], 3  [Ancient Nazmani Coins], 4  [Strip of Sailcloth],  [Partially Eaten Sunfruit], 3  [Worthless Piece of Green Glass], and  [Rumpled Hat].

Jani says: I accept ya tribute! Here be a sign of me favor... Hek hek hek hek!

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