For Razorflank's pre-Warlords of Draenor appearance, see Charlga Razorflank (Classic).
BossCharlga Razorflank
Image of Charlga Razorflank
Title <The Crone>
Gender Female
Race Quilboar (Humanoid)
Level 12-32 Elite
Class Shaman
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Razorfen tribe, Death's Head tribe
Occupation Geomancer, Thornweaver
Location Razorfen Kraul[23.7, 31.3]
Status Killable (WoW)
Relative(s) Chugara Razorflank (daughter, presumed)

Charlga Razorflank <The Crone> is an elite quilboar boss found in Razorfen Kraul. She is the leader of the Razorfen tribe. Charlga also officially leads the Death's Head tribe,[1][2] but Amnennar the Coldbringer controls it.


Under her rule, the quilboar of the Razorfen Kraul drove the tauren away from the southern Barrens.[3] Charlga had even been negotiating with agents of the Scourge - aligning her unsuspecting tribe with the ranks of the undead for some insidious purpose.[4] Charlga is a tenacious leader and a powerful geomancer. Charlga manipulated her followers into attacking denizens of the Barrens, lying to her quilboar that they needed blood to revive Agamaggan.[5] Charlga Razorflank also shaped most of the thorn dome of Razorfen Downs. She trained Chugara to maintain the dome.[6]

Adventure Guide

The leader (or "crone") of the Razorfen tribes is Charlga Razorflank, a quilboar whose experimental and powerful Geomancy practices are second to none. Her meteoric rise to power and the rapidly increasing violence between quilboar tribesmen can only lead to one thing: war.


  • Crystalline Command Important — Charlga's powers of crystal manipulation are unprecidented, giving her the ability to command powerful crystals, aiding her in combat. These crystals may not be attacked. This power allows her to command two crystals simultaneously.
  • Venomous Discharge Crystal
    • Spell nature abolishmagic.png  Venomous Discharge Damage Dealer Alert — Congeals and lobs viscous venom at a location for 2 min. This blob periodically fires venomous orbs nearby, inflicting Nature damage to any players struck.
  • Tidal Tempest Crystal
    • Inv misc volatilewater.png  Tidal Tempest — Draws in players of 5 sec and periodically inflicts Frost damage to all players within 8 yards.
  • Molten Inferno Crystal
    • Spell fire ragnaros molteninferno.png  Molten Inferno — Creates several lines of elemental fury, inflicting high Fire damage to all players struck.
  • Spell shaman bindelemental.png  Elemental Binding Magic Effect — Binds the target, rooting and tormenting them with Fire, Frost, and Nature damage every second for 6 sec.


Item Type
 [Pronged Reaver] Agility one-hand axe
 [Heart of Agamaggan] Spirit shield
 [Agamaggan's Clutch] Spirit ring
 [Razorflank's Heart] Quest item

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Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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I see you, interlopers. You tread on sacred ground...
Insignificant whelps, what makes you think you can challenge me?
Molten Inferno
I will turn you into ash!
Venomous Discharge
Drown in venom!
Tidal Tempest
The undertow will consume you!
Killing a player
Ha! My power rules here!
Unused quotes
Agamaggan... will rise... again...

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