Charlie (unicorn)

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For the timber wolf, see Charlie. For the retriever, see Charlie (dog).
Image of Charlie
Race Unicorn (Beast)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location El'dranil Peak, Azsuna [50.4, 52.0]
Status Deceased

Charlie is a dead unicorn found lying atop El'dranil Peak in Azsuna. Next to him is the Treacherous Stallions vignette, consisting of the Devious Sunrunner and the Sinister Leyrunner. After the player defeats the Treacherous Stallions, a treasure chest containing 70 [Order Resources] and an  [Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney] will spawn next to Charlie's corpse.


  • Charlie, the Treacherous Stallions, the Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney, and their location atop a mountain are a reference to the viral YouTube video "Charlie the Unicorn", in which the titular character is convinced by two other unicorns to accompany them on a journey to "Candy Mountain". After arriving at the mountain, Charlie is knocked unconscious by the other two unicorns and later awakens back home to find that they've stolen one of his kidneys.

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