AllianceChasing Shadows
Start Prophet Velen [30.5, 54.9]
End Rulkan [45.7, 26.3]
Level 10-40
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Experience 6900
Rewards 5g 90s
Previous A [10-40] Escape From Shaz'gul, A [10-40] The Fate of Karabor
Next A [10-40] Ancestor's Memory


Speak to Rulkan at Exile's Rise.


Not all of the Shadowmoon orcs followed Ner'zhul's alliance with the Iron Horde.

Among them, there is one orc whom I befriended many years ago. She may be able to tell us more about Ner'zhul's plans for this "Dark Star."

She can be found at Exile's Rise to the northeast. I will send word ahead so she expects your arrival.


You will receive:

  • 5g 90s
  • 6900 XP


I felt that this day would come. The draenei prophet is not wrong to seek me, traveler.

Though we do not speak often, he and I have a deep mutual respect for one another.

I know the trouble that his people are suffering, and I no longer believe the Shadowmoon are following our ancestor's path.

For those reasons, I will help you.


Before heading out, Scout Valdez offers a side quest involving the garrison: A [92] On Our Guard. Do it or not, then north to Exile's Rise, just east of Lunarfall. There is a flight path at Exile's Rise.

On approach:

Hara Bloodfury says: Halt right there.
Rulkan says: Stay your weapons. This must be the messenger the draenei prophet promised.

On complete:

Rulkan says: Welcome to my fire, traveler. I know much of Ner'zhul, and yet these days, I know him not at all.

At Exile's Rise, there are a few side quests available: A [10-40] Forbidden Love, A [10-40] Lunarblossom, and A [93] Lurking in the Shadows. She also has some gossip text:

Our people have always drawn their magic from the earth and the moon.
Nearly three centuries ago, the ancestors sensed a dark magic. A dark source.
This was magic of shadows. It corrupted the mind, tainting those who used it, driving them mad.
Since then, our clan was forbidden to use these shadows.

Gossip Who are you?

I am Rulkan, daughter of Neema. I was an elder of the Shadowmoon clan, but am not of the clan any longer.
Ner'zhul is my husband, but we have parted ways. He took his followers in one direction, and I took mine in another.


  1. A [10-40] Into Twilight
  2. Complete both:
    • Visions
    1. A [10-40] The Clarity Elixir
    2. A [10-40] The Fate of Karabor
    • Shaz'gul
    1. A [10-40] Going Undercover
    2. A [10-40] Escape From Shaz'gul
  3. A [10-40] Chasing Shadows
  4. A [10-40] Ancestor's Memory
  5. A [10-40] Darkest Night
    • Optional side quest: A [10-40] Rulkan
  6. Complete all of:
    1. A [10-40] Into Anguish
    2. A [10-40] The Dark Side of the Moon

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