Chasing the Chicken

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NeutralChasing the Chicken

Hillpaw's Chicken
Start Old Hillpaw [53.1, 51.9]
End Old Hillpaw [53.1, 51.9]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 236000
Reputation +3000 Old Hillpaw
+150 The Tillers
Rewards 19g 84s 50c 1 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [87] Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market


Pick up Hillpaw's Chickens until you find his Prize-Winning Chicken.


Say, you there! <Name>, was it? I've got a problem, and I need someone with better legs than mine to help me solve it.

My prize-winning chicken has flown the coop! Now she's out in the open, mingling with the other hens, wild birds, and... <gulp> ill-intentioned roosters.

My farm is west of here, south of the Skyrange. Could you find her, and bring her back to me?


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c 1 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


I swear, she's never done this before.


You found her! You've got an eye for fowl, kid. I'll hold onto her for now. Don't worry, I'll make sure she's punished later.



Pick up the other dailies before heading out. Fly up to Hillpaw's ranch at [31, 53] immediately south of the Skyrange. Dismount, snag one of Hillpaw's Chickens, then follow the prompts by using the Bonus Action Button that appears:

You found...
  • An Amorous Rooster! Dip him in the water to cool his passions.
  • A Wild Prarie Chicken! Kick him out of here!
  • A Lost Hen! Bring her back to a chicken coop.
  • A Marmot Disguised in Chicken Feathers! Expose him for the sham he really is!
  • Old Hillpaw's prize-winning chicken, Buck-Bucka Betty!


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