NeutralChee Chee
Image of Chee Chee
Race Hozen (Humanoid)
Level 30-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Tillers
Location Heartland, Valley of the Four Winds
Status Alive

Chee Chee is a sheep farmer who likes Blue Feathers and  [Valley Stir Fry]. He was the first hozen to join the Tillers.

Once you become best friends, Chee Chee gifts you with four sheep that will wander the tiny hill on Sunsong Ranch, across the road from Halfhill Market.

Chee Chee can be found in the Timeless Isle overlooking the Celestial Court.

Faction description

If you've ever had a question about sheep, Chee Chee will know the answer.


One-off gifts:

One-off quests:

Daily quests:

Best Friends

Chee Chee sends you a letter with  [Chee Chee's Goodie Bag] on becoming best friends.

A Letter From Chee Chee

Hey <name>,

You help Chee Chee out, Chee Chee help you! Sheepie had lots of wool, but not anymore! This is for you.

Also, I think you should have some sheeps of your own. Look for them next time you're on your farm!

Chee Chee

PS.[sic] Don't ask where the leather came from...

Inside the goodie bag is 20  [Windwool Cloth] and five  [Exotic Leather].


  • You new here?
  • Hey, Chee Chee real busy. You got some-ting you want?
  • Chee Chee's sheep sheep are so scared... bad monkeys on hill! Bad monkey!
  • Yo, I know you before. You help me, yes?
  • Chee Chee got big problem. Big, big problems.
  • Chee Chee work hard for farm. Now bad monkeys come take away!
  • Hey. You are Chee Chee's buddy, yes?
  • Chee Chee got big problem. Big, big problems. Buddy help Chee Chee?
  • Chee Chee work hard for farm. Buddy understand, right?
  • Hey friend, how is things going on your farm?
  • Hey friend. I got problems, but no need to be your problems, too.
  • Chee Chee is only hozen with own farm!
    <Chee Chee thumps his chest proudly.>
    You, friend, come visit me at my farm sometime, okay?
Good Friend
  • Good friend, is things going good for you?
  • My good friend! You drink with Chee Chee sometime, yes?
  • Chee Chee raise only sheep in the fields!
    Anyone want sheep, the come to Chee Chee.
Best Friend
Hey boss, me been thinkin'. You been real good to Chee Chee, so I wanted to give you a sheep for your farm. It should be waiting already. You take good care of Chee Chee's sheeps, okay?
  • Hey neighbor! You like the sheep?
  • Neighbor, because of you, my problems is less somewhat.
  • I give only nice sheep for you, neighbor! What do you think?
Chee Chee's Note

M A r c K e T.

- Chee Chee

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