Chelie Coldanvil

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AllianceChelie Coldanvil
Image of Chelie Coldanvil
Title <Menagerie Keeper>
Gender Female
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 10-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Arbor Glen, Shadowmoon Valley[51.6, 32.8]
Status Alive

Chelie Coldanvil is a dwarf located at Arbor Glen in Shadowmoon Valley. She runs a menagerie of "exotic" creatures, including a Thistle Boar, a Dun Morogh Chicken, an Alpine Hare, a Calico Cat, a Gilnean Raven, a Sea Gull, a Skunk, and a Stormwind Rat.


  • Come see Chelie's Mystical Menagerie! Gaze upon these exotic creatures from faraway lands!
  • Take home a wondrous creature, never before seen on Draenor!


Everyone said I was foolish to collect all of these pets. Now look who's having the last laugh!

  • Gossip Exotic pets? These all seem pretty ordinary...
Ordinary to you, perhaps. These yokels have never even seen a chicken before! I'm going to make a fortune!
  • Gossip How exactly did you get to Draenor, anyway?
Oh, that? I may have hitched a ride through your garrison portal.
They should probably guard those things better, come to think of it.

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