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Chelra the Bladewall

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NeutralChelra the Bladewall
Image of Chelra the Bladewall
Title <Princeguard Commander>
Gender Female
Race Stoneborn (Humanoid)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkwing
Occupation Commander
Location Darkwall Tower, Revendreth

Chelra the Bladewall is a stoneborn located in Darkwall Tower in Revendreth where she was revived by an adventurer on General Draven's orders in order to aid Prince Renathal in taking the tower.[1] Subsequently, she is present in Sinfall. After securing a Guardhouse at the Ember Court, she and an adventurer worked on providing security for the court.[2]

During the Chains of Domination campaign chapter "The Unseen Guests", Chelra is revealed to have been a nathrezim named Nal'ragas in disguise ever since Chelra was beheaded for taking part in Prince Renethal's rebellion.


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  • We will report to the Ember Court as you command.
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