HordeChen's Empty Keg
Start Brewmaster Drohn[62, 38]
End Brewmaster Drohn[62, 38]
Level 15 (Requires 11)
Category The Barrens
Experience 1350
Reputation WoW Icon update.png+150 Orgrimmar
Bc icon.gif+350 Orgrimmar
Previous H [15] Chen's Empty Keg
Next H [24] Chen's Empty Keg


Bring 5 Savannah Lion Tusks, 5 Plainstrider Kidneys, and 1 Thunder Lizard Horn to Brewmaster Drohn in Ratchet.


Would you like a taste of Chen's namesake? Ahh, the stormstout is a mighty brew. Chen taught the recipe to my mentor, and my mentor passed it on to me. I'll need you to get me a few things, but I can tell you this: the kick is worth it.

Bring me 5 savannah lion tusks from any savannah lion, 5 plainstrider kidneys from any plainstrider, and 1 thunder lizard horn from any species of thunder lizard. That should do the trick nicely.

You can find these ingredients throughout the Barrens.


You will receive:


How's the search going?


Haha... I never thought I'd make more of this stuff ever again.

You've stirred in me a great sense of nostalgia, <name>. Kind of reminds me of the last time I blacked out from too much trogg ale. Thank you. The memories warm my stomach.


  1. H [15] Chen's Empty Keg
  2. H [15] Chen's Empty Keg
  3. H [24] Chen's Empty Keg

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