HordeChen's Empty Keg
Start Brewmaster Drohn[62, 38]
End Brewmaster Drohn[62, 38]
Level 24 (Requires 11)
Category The Barrens
Experience WoW Icon update.png 975
Reputation WoW Icon update.png+50 Orgrimmar
Bc icon.gif+75 Orgrimmar
Rewards 5x  [Trogg Ale]
Repeatable Yes
Previous H [15] Chen's Empty Keg


Bring 5 Lightning Glands, 1 Thunderhawk Saliva Gland and 1 Kodo Liver to Brewmaster Drohn in Ratchet.


Good stuff, that stormstout, huh?

I have another recipe that I learned from Chen. Would you be interested? It won't take long to make, and it might be useful if you plan on adventuring some more.

Bring me 5 lightning glands from any stormhide, 1 thunderhawk saliva gland from greater thunderhawks, and a kodo liver from any of the Barrens' kodos.

Like I said, this stuff has kick; it's the trogg ale that I mentioned to you before.


You will receive:


You working hard at finding those ingredients, <name>?


Haha! I knew you couldn't resist some of this brew. Come back again anytime you want some more, <name>. Just bring me more of the ingredients I had you collect.


The quest mobs that dropped the items needed for this repeatable quest were removed in patch 4.0.3a. However, if the character had completed the others in this series it was still possible to accept it. This was corrected sometime during Mists of Pandaria. (The specific patch is unknown, but it could not have been any earlier than patch 5.0.5a.)


  1. H [15] Chen's Empty Keg
  2. H [15] Chen's Empty Keg
  3. H [24] Chen's Empty Keg

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