Chi is a secondary resource used by monks. It is the pandaren word for "Spirit", the same primal life force used by shamans to heal and to commune with elementals.[1][2][3][4] Monks harness their inner chi (i.e. inner spirit) to power their abilities,[5] while using their bodies as their main weapon:[1][5] the chi is directed to control the battlefield by enhancing own's movement and restricting foe's, healing allies while simultaneously damaging enemies, or invoking celestial spirits to aid in battle.[5]

Monks are differentiated from shamans in their inability to ask the elements for help.[1]


Chi is generated by using certain abilities, and consumed to power others. Chi does not decay during combat, but decays rapidly outside of combat. Monks can have a maximum of 5 chi, or 6 if they have the [Ascension] talent. No stats specifically increase chi, although haste and spirit can lead to players using chi-generating abilities more often.

Chi is generated by using abilities that cost energy or mana:

Chi can be spent on the following abilities:

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