AllianceChieftain Oomooroo
Start Stillpine the Younger
End Stillpine the Younger
Level 1-30
Category Azuremyst Isle
Experience 875 (or 5s 40c at level 70)
Rewards  [Sturdy Leather Belt] or
 [Fortified Wristguards]


Stillpine the Younger at Stillpine Hold on Azuremyst Isle wants you to slay Chieftain Oomooroo and 9 Crazed Wildkin.


I am Stillpine the Younger, heir to the Stillpine legacy. As you can see, my defenders have set up a death trap for the raving wildkin that attack from inside Stillpine Hold. While we are able to hold them off out here, none of my defenders have been able to infiltrate the hold. If you could get inside and slay their leader, it might give us an opportunity to strike!

Find Chieftain Oomooroo and destroy him. Slay any crazed wildkin that you encounter inside as well.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv belt 24.png [Sturdy Leather Belt] Inv bracer 03.png [Fortified Wristguards]


This may very well be the opportunity that we needed! I will send an attack at once! The Stillpine thank you for your service, <name>!


  • 875 XP (or 5s 40c at level 70)


  1. A [1-30] Learning the Language
  2. A [1-30] Totem of Coo
  3. A [1-30] Totem of Tikti
  4. A [1-30] Totem of Yor
  5. A [1-30] Totem of Vark
  6. A [1-30] The Prophecy of Akida
  7. A [1-30] Stillpine Hold
  8. A [1-30] Beasts of the Apocalypse!
  9. A [1-30] Search Stillpine Hold
  10. A [1-30] Blood Crystals
  11. A [1-30] The Kurken is Lurkin'
  12. A [1-30] Warn Your People & A [1-30] The Kurken's Hide

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