MobChieftain Zul'Marosh
Image of Chieftain Zul'Marosh
Gender Male
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Class Warrior
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Amani tribe
Occupation Chieftain
Location Zeb'Watha, Eversong Woods[61.2, 76.5]
Status Killable

Chieftain Zul'Marosh is a forest troll found in Eversong Woods, on the upper floor of the two-story house in Zeb'Watha. He is the leader of the Eversong Woods forest trolls.


  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Cleave — Inflicts 110% of weapon damage to an enemy and its nearest ally.
  • Ability warrior sunder.png  Sunder Armor — Hacks at an enemy's armor, reducing it per application of Sunder Armor. Can be applied up to 5 times. Lasts 20 sec.

Notable drops

Objective of


  • He actually has a great green drop rate without being a rare spawn so he is a good source of money and disenchantable items for new blood elf players.

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