This article is about humanoid children. For very young children, see baby. For young dragons, see dragon whelp. For young animals, see list of beasts with child models.

Many of the races on Azeroth have children. Some races have their own models for them, such as humans, orcs, draenei, blood elves, pandaren, vulpera and nightborne, while others use shrunken version of the adult models, such as few dwarves, night elves, goblins and gnomes. Very few, if any, Forsaken, tauren, or jungle troll children have been seen in-game. Babies of all races are also shown in World of Warcraft.

Children are unkillable NPCs. They cannot be attacked and are not caught in Area of Effect attacks. Presumably, the designers feel that the possibility of killing children would not be appropriate game content. Games that allow violence against children would get higher content ratings in some countries.

While the children introduced in the original game and The Burning Crusade lacked voice clips (barring Anduin Wrynn) and remain as such to this day, pandaren and nightborne children do possess voice clips.


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Notes and trivia

  • While there is no worgen children model, there exist models for human children wearing Gilnean clothes, and the oft-forgotten offspring of the Big Bad Wolf uses a small old worgen model.
  • Pandaren children share their animations with ogres.
  • Tortollan children share their animations with furbolgs.
  • Vulpera children share their animations with podlings.
  • Young members of the various hostiles races of the world can also be encountered, such as harpy younglings, some murloc tadpoles, and so on. Unlike their normal-sized parents, they are often smaller, neutral and not used as killing objectives.
  • Sunborne Val'kyr and Unborn Val'kyr are child-looking val'kyr battle pets.
  • In Hearthstone children have appeared as cards Lance Carrier and Lowly Squire, as scouts in the Journey to Un'Goro cinematic and as the main character Ava in the animated shorts.


World of Warcraft

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Patch changes

Kul Tiran human, Zandalari troll & Vulpera child models added.

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