Children's Week
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Duration May 2 - 9 (2022)
Highlights Sightseeing, Hilarious gossip text, Companions
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Preceded by Noblegarden
Followed by Midsummer Fire Festival

Children's Week, also known as Week of the Wardens,[1] is celebrated by both the Horde and Alliance in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City. At the beginning of May, and lasting for a week, it is a time for heroes of both sides to give back to the innocents of war...the orphans!

Children's Week is also held for both factions in Shattrath City and Dalaran for higher level characters.

Many Azerothian holidays are based off real-life counterparts. Children's Week generally occurs in early May, and is likely based off of Japan's Children's Day which is held on May 5.

New in 2019



Children's Week rewards fourteen companion pets, one from each capital each year. As pets are account-wide, multiple characters on the same account can run the quest chain again to get different rewards in the same year.

Stormwind / Orgrimmar

Choice of:


Choice of:


Depending on which quest chain was chosen, players will receive either of the following by mail:

If players have already completed the selected quest chain, they will instead be able to choose one of:

Battle for Azeroth

Choice of:

Pet gallery


The  [Green Balloon] and  [Yellow Balloon], can be purchased from toy vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar during the holiday.


Eastern Kingdoms / Kalimdor

Alliance Orphan Matron Nightingale
Cathedral Square, Stormwind City
Horde Orphan Matron Battlewail
The Drag, Orgrimmar


Neutral Orphan Matron Mercy
Lower City, Shattrath City


Neutral Orphan Matron Aria
The Eventide, Dalaran

Kul Tiras

Alliance Orphan Matron Westerson
The building next to the entrance of Proudmoore Barracks in Hook Point, Boralus


Horde Caretaker Padae
Hall of Castes, Grand Bazaar, Dazar'alor

Levels required


Children's Week quest chains
Alliance Horde
WoW Icon update.png Stormwind (human) Orgrimmar (orc)
Bc icon.gif Shattrath (draenei) Shattrath (blood elf)
Wrath of the Lich King Oracles
Battle for Azeroth Boralus (Kul Tiran human) Dazar'alor (Zandalari troll)

Eastern Kingdoms / Kalimdor

The orc and human orphans

The Alliance and the Horde have separate quest chains in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, starting in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively:

Alliance - Stormwind
  1. Complete all of:
  2. Complete both:
  3. A [10-60] A Warden of the Alliance
Horde - Orgrimmar
  1. H [10-60] Children's Week
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. H [10-60] A Warden of the Horde

Shattrath City

The Outland orphans

The Alliance and the Horde have separate quest chains in Outland:

  1. A [10-60] Children's Week
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete all of:
  4. A [10-60] Back to the Orphanage
  1. H [10-60] Children's Week Activequest
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. H [10-60] Back to the OrphanageAvailablequest

Dalaran (Northrend)

The Northrend orphans

The Dalaran quests are available to both factions, but only one of the Oracles or the Frenzyheart quest chains may be chosen each year.

Oracles quest chain
  1. N [10-60] Little Orphan Roo Of The Oracles
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. N [10-60] A Trip To The Wonderworks
  5. N [10-60] Back To The Orphanage
Frenzyheart quest chain
  1. N [10-60] Little Orphan Kekek Of The Wolvar
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. N [10-60] A Visit To The Wonderworks
  5. N [10-60] Back To The Orphanage

Kul Tiras / Zandalar

Children's Week - BfA 1.jpg

Alliance - Boralus
  1. A [10-60] Children's Week
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. A [10-60] Return to the Orphanage
Horde - Dazar'alor
  1. H [10-60] Children's Week
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete both:
  4. H [10-60] Return to the Hall of Castes


The orphan's week event is tied to several achievements.

 [For the Children] is the meta-achievement.  [Veteran Nanny] is associated with Children's Week, but since it requires completing the orphan quests in 3 different years, it is not part of the meta-achievement.

Players must be level 77 to complete  [Hail To The King, Baby] (minimum level to zone in on the Dungeon Finder) and  [Bad Example] (minimum level is 75 to eat some of the foods sold by Aimee in Dalaran ).

All of these achievements are simple at the level cap - except  [School of Hard Knocks], which should be your first priority for the meta. The others can be done within an hour or so of play.

Children's Week does not exist in Module:AchievementTable/data


Effect of  [Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit] on the Blood Elf and Orc Orphans

  • The faction capital, Outland and Northrend quest chains are separate from each other, and all three can be completed in the given week.
  •  [Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit] is usable on the orphans.
  • In order to complete the achievements after finishing the quest chains, ask the matron for another whistle.
    • The whistles will last for the duration of the event, after which they will disappear. Although the achievements only specify needing your orphan out to complete the criteria, you will only be able to earn credit for them during the event.


  • 2005 May 1–8: Initial Release
  • 2006 May 9–16
  • 2007 May 22–29: Followed Patch 2.1. Children's week came to Shattrath City
  • 2008 May 1–7
  • 2009 May 1–7: Midnight of the first through 23:59 on the night of the 7th
  • 2009 August 4–11: Following Patch 3.2.0, belated release of Dalaran Children's Week content
  • 2010 May 2–8
  • 2011 May 1–7: Quests for Stormwind and Orgrimmar orphans have been changed. Two new companions.
  • 2012 April 29 – May 6
  • 2013 April 29 – May 6
  • 2014 April 28 – May 5
  • 2015 April 27 – May 4
  • 2016 May 2 – May 9
  • 2017 May 1 – May 8
  • 2018 April 30 – May 7
  • 2019 May 2 – May 9
  • 2020 May 1 – May 8

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