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The children of Goldshire (commonly called the "Creepy Goldshire Children") are a group of six human children called Dana, Aaron, Cameron, John, Jose, and Lisa. They walk on the path from Goldshire to Stormwind City together. The children are known for the fact that they go into an empty house's second floor and form a pentagram pattern, remaining silent and unmoving. They are actually references to Blizzard Entertainment employees.[1]


At 7:00am server time, the children will spawn and leave the house, running all the way to the Valley of Heroes in Stormwind City, then to Goldshire, up the road toward Northshire Abbey to where the river meets Mirror Lake, and back to their house. They go up to the second floor and stay in a circular formation, and each time they reach a destination, they stop for approximately ten minutes to shift and move around, pointing in different directions.

Cameron is always in the middle, while Dana is always in the front. When they stand still, the children orbit around Cameron. Once the children finish their rounds at around 7:40am, they return to their room once again. Spooky music and sounds and voices plays, and the children despawn at 8:00pm. The sounds include a banshee scream, a ghoul call, C'Thun saying "You... will... DIE!" and "Death is close". In the grass to the southwest of the house, two tiny skulls can be found.


According to John Staats, the children's geometric formation was not meant to be Satanic in nature at all. Players saw it as a pentagram, but it was just a function of the children simply being centered on Cameron, and thus forming a circle. The children are actually meant to be references to Blizzard's Dungeon department employees Aaron Keller, Dana Jan, John Staats, Jose Aello Jr., and Cameron Lamprecht, along with Lisa Schoner, Dana Jan's mate and the then-receptionist. They were added by the Exterior Level employees, with which the Dungeon department entertained a friendly rivalry. This is notably why they made Dana's NPC a girl, because his first name sounded feminine, and why they added spooky sounds and "evil" references.[2]



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