Not to be confused with Chillwind Camp.

Chillwind Point

Chillwind Point is a small rise on the far eastern edge of the Alterac Mountains region. It is dominated by a small, ancient troll ruin and named for the chill winds that sweep through the nearby ravine from the Western Plaguelands to the north. This pass was previously part of the kingdom of Lordaeron.

Bath'rah the Windwatcher, a friendly jungle troll, resides here.


  • Chillwind Point is often mistaken for Chillwind Camp located just to the north, an Alliance outpost just inside the Plaguelands.
    • The vanilla version of A Paladin [52] Chillwind Camp was named and referred to Chillwind Point.
    • In Naxxramas, the meeting with the newly-formed Argent Dawn, Maxwell Tyrosus, and Darion Mograine takes place in "Chillwing Point", but it depicts a settlement similar to Chillwind Camp instead of the troll ruins of Chillwind Point.

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