• Chimera's Eye
  • Requires Jewelcrafting (500)
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 1g 50s

Chimera's Eyes are uncut gems primarily used to produce socketable level 85 gems that may only be used by that jeweler. The level 80 equivalent is  [Dragon's Eye].



The uncut Chimera's Eye may be traded or sold on the Auction House, but Chimera's Eye gem cuts are exclusively bind on pickup. When cut by the jeweler, the Chimera's eye will become soulbound to that jeweler. The jeweler can cut an unlimited number of these gems, however, s/he cannot wear equipment with more than three total socketed Eyes at any given time. These cut gems can be of the same or different types (e.g. the jeweler could equip three  [Smooth Chimera's Eye]).

Chimera's Eyes are also used as reagents in crafting other epic jewelcrafting necklaces and rings that are bind on equip. It is also a reagent in crafting a common vanity head slot item  [Rhinestone Sunglasses].


Jewelcrafters can wear a maximum of three Chimera's Eye gems at a time. This gives them a total of 51 more of a stat (i.e. strength) compared to rare quality gems, and 21 compared to epic quality gems (counts for all gems except stamina and spell penetration gems). This makes the jewelcrafting-spesific perk weaker than the ones for most other professions (i.e. blacksmiths can get a total of 100 more of a stat in comparison).

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