Chip Endale

Neutral 32.png Chip Endale
Chip Endale.jpg
Image of Chip Endale
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Location Various
Status Deceased

Chip Endale is the female goblin player's boyfriend and female goblin only quest giver at Bilgewater Port. His counterpart is Candy Cane. He instructs his girlfriend to prepare for her party and to entertain 10 Kezan Partygoers.

After escaping to the Lost Isles he is noticeably disinterested in his beloved and later breaks up with her. He later joins Trade Prince Gallywix and begins dating Candy Cane. He then will be killed by goblin adventurers with the male goblin players simply killing him while the female goblin plays cut out his heart.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Kezan (starting zone) 5 164
Horde 15.png   IconSmall Goblin Male.gif IconSmall Goblin Female.gif  [1-20] What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway? 11 580


  • Ability golemthunderclap.png   Beatdown — Inflicts 147 damage to an enemy, stunning it for 2 sec. 
  • Ability whirlwind.png   Full Monte — Attacks nearby enemies in a whirlwind that lasts 15 sec. and inflicts normal damage. 
  • Ability whirlwind.png   Full Monte — Attacks nearby enemies in a whirlwind that inflicts normal damage. 



Objective of


To female players
  • Sweetie, where have you been? You know how worried I get when you don't check in with me!
  • How's my hot, company executive girlfriend today? With the way you run things around here, I think that any day now we'll be calling you Trade Princess <Name>!
I cannot wait! I'm gonna spend my days at the gym and working on my tan at the pool.
  • I like what you're wearing!
  • What do you think of my abs, baby? I just got back from the gym.
I am one fine piece of meat!
  • I heard that some Southsea pirates pulled into dock earlier. Be careful if you go into town!
They even have women pirates! Hmm, maybe I should go check it out myself? Just to make sure it's safe for you out there, baby.
To male players
Beat it, pal, before I give you the ol' Chip Endale fist to the face!
Lost Isles
To male players
Move along, bub.
I can't believe you'd do this to me!


  • Chip Endale's name is a reference to the chippendales dancers, the male ogres dance is also a reference to these.
  • His name could be also reference to famous Disney cartoon, Chip 'n Dale. He has a special ability called Full Monte, a reference to a character in Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Small height of chipmunks, who appear there, could be a reference to not so tall goblins. Full monty is an old phrase, however. It may reference Chippendales dancers stripping.

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