For lore about Cho'gall, see Cho'gall.
Race Ogre mage
Base Unit Ogre-Mage
Faction Horde
Hit Points 100 (+11%)
Armor 0 (-100%)
2 (1 upgrade)
4 (2 upgrades)
Sight 5 (Normal)
Speed 13 (Normal)
Basic Damage 10 (+20%)
Piercing Damage 5 (+25%)
7 (1 upgrade)
9 (2 upgrades)
Range 1 (melee)
Mana 255 Mana
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Initiate of the fifth circle of the Shadow Council and Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer clan, Cho'gall is one of the grimmest and most respected leaders within the Horde. Cho'gall was the first of the Ogre-Magi, having tutored himself in magic before the Horde's passing into Azeroth. Cho'gall has a special loyalty to Gul'dan who helped the struggling yet determined ogre to master the arcane energies of the Twisting Nether. Cho'gall is a firm believer in his clan's sacred mission to bring oblivion to all peoples of the far-realms.[1]


Upgrade Weapons (Damage +2)
Increases the piercing attack damage of Grunts, Ogres, Ogre-Mages, and Goblin Sappers by +2.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time
500 SmGoldWC2.gif 100 SmLumberWC2.gif Blacksmith 200 secs.
Upgrade Weapons (Damage +2)
Further increases the piercing attack damage of Grunts, Ogres, Ogre-Mages, and Goblin Sappers by +2.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time
1500 SmGoldWC2.gif 300 SmLumberWC2.gif Blacksmith 250 secs.
Upgrade Shields (Armor +2)
Increases the armor of Grunts, Ogres, and Ogre-Mages by +2.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time
300 SmGoldWC2.gif 300 SmLumberWC2.gif Blacksmith 200 secs.
Upgrade Shields (Armor +2)
Further increases the armor of Grunts, Ogres, and Ogre-Mages by +2.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time
900 SmGoldWC2.gif 500 SmLumberWC2.gif Blacksmith 250 secs.


Eye of Kilrogg
Summons a controllable Eye of Kilrogg, which can be used to remove Fog of War (costs 70 Mana)

The Ogre-Mage creates a free-floating apparition in the form of a disembodied Eye that he can then direct through the air to look down upon enemy forces and encampments. Named for the great leader of the Bleeding Hollow clan, this ever vigilant Eye transmits its view to the caster, giving him the knowledge of both the lands it wanders and those creatures who live there. The Eye will vanish after a time, leaving the Ogre-Mage with the knowledge of the terrain.[2]

Puts a powerful buff on a friendly unit (costs 50 Mana, range: 6)

This enchantment is used to instill an insatiable lust for blood into a fellow warrior, causing him to enter into a savage, berserk rage. A fighter who feels this Bloodlust deals more damage to his opponents than normally could be done. Although this spell bestows no permanent effects upon one so enchanted, it has been known to push an already bloodthirsty Orc over the edge...[2]
In the beta Version of Warcraft II, the Bloodlust spell had a different icon.

Summons trapped runes over an area (costs 200 Mana, range: 10) (note: runes will not appear on occupied squares, but the spell will cost 40 less Mana for each rune that fails to appear)

The casting of ancient and powerful Runes enables the Ogre-Mage to lay an abstruse trap for those hapless enough to enter into it. When these Runes explode, they cause massive damage to anyone standing over them as well as all those in adjacent areas. Those who are diligent and watchful will catch a glimpse of the Rune as they approach it. The chaotic forces that make up this enchantment can not discern between ally or enemy and will kill a friend as surely as a foe. Heed these warnings well, as even staying near these Runes can be hazardous - for when the dwoemer dissolves, they explode as if their magiks had been triggered.[2]


  • Cho'gall appears in the Orc campaign missions The Badlands and The Tomb of Sargeras. The player must bring him to the Circle of Power at Grim Batol in order to win the former mission, while killing him is required to win the latter mission.
  • His stats are very similar to that of an Ogre-Mage; he deals more damage and has slightly more HP, but wears no armor.
  • He starts with a Mana bar and knows all Ogre-Mage spells even if you haven't researched them. He retains these abilities if placed on a custom map.