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Christie Golden is a Senior Writer at Blizzard. She is the author of numerous Warcraft, Overwatch, and StarCraft works, and is an experienced writer of a wide variety of other media tie-in novels.


Christie Golden was first approached by Blizzard after the cancellation of the game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans in 1998. The storyline of the game was far too important to disregard as it set the stage for the entire Horde campaign in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Christie Golden was then hired to write the novelization based on scripts and outlines provided by Warcraft universe co-creator, Chris Metzen, and had to be completed within six weeks. The book was released under the title Lord of the Clans about a year prior to Warcraft III. She has since then written numerous novels for the series.

On May 15, 2017, Golden announced on Twitter that she had been hired as a temp employee at Blizzard for 6 months,[1] working in story and franchise development until early November.[2] On October 4, 2017 she announced that she was now a full-time Blizzard employee,[3] working as a senior writer.[4] She thus moved from Denver, Colorado where she lived with her boyfriend and cats to Irvine, California in January 2018.[5] As a result of becoming a permanent member of the team, she no longer writes expansion prequel novels but will continue writing other books.[6][7]

She has since then written lines for the Argus the Unmaker cinematics which were already in production, and her first big contribution were the Legion Faction Epilogue cinematics, working with Terran Gregory.[8] She was also present in the studio when they recorded the lines with the voice actors.[9] She has also written the lyrics for the trailer of Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs[10] and Hearthstone: The Witchwood along with Andrew Robinson.[11] Golden writes the scripts and dialogues for most of the in-game cinematics in World of Warcraft,[12] with help from Terran Gregory.



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Notes and trivia

  • Golden's favorite thing in Warcraft writing is goblin dialogue.[21]
  • The high elf NPC Kriss Goldenlight is a reference to Christie Golden.[22]
  • She plays on the Wyrmrest Accord server, but does not release the names of her characters. She started playing four months after the launch of WoW.[23]
  • Golden's work is often met with criticism from fans, including the incorporating of game mechanics and game scale into the world of the novels and how she chooses to characterize certain characters, particularly Baine Bloodhoof, Jaina Proudmoore, Anduin Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner
    • Golden is often misblamed for broader story decisions that are handled by the Senior Creative director, including the increased importance of Anduin to the story and the decision to make Sylvanas Windrunner an antagonistic force in Battle for Azeroth. Both of these decisions were actually made by Alex Afrasiabi.
  • Golden is known for continuing the "Voyager" stories after the conclusion of the series. Under the pen name "Jadrian Bell," she wrote A.D. 999, a work of historical fantasy.


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