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Tarren Mill church

Interior of a typical human church.

Churches, chapels and cathedrals are places of worship where the devoted followers of the Church of the Holy Light can practice their faith and perform spiritual rituals.


First War[]

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Housed here were the holy men of Azeroth, as the church provided a place for them to commune with the people of the land. This was the only place where clerics would come together for their ceremonies, and many could be recruited here to assist in ridding the land of the hellspawned Orcs. A tithe had to be made to the church for their services in order that new clerics could be trained, and other sites made sacred. A Church had to be built entirely of a rare wood known as Holyoak, hence a lumber mill had to be active to specially cut and prepare this sacred wood. Also, clerics continued training here to increase their understandings of the spiritual forces. When they were enlightened by a new revelation, the kernel of that knowledge was sown among all followers of the faith, and it blossomed into the minds of all clerics throughout the lands.[1]

Second War[]

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Churches were places of worship where the citizens of Lordaeron sought spiritual enlightenment. Once led by devout clerics, churches now depended on paladins to minister to the masses in this time of war. It was in these places for healing and serenity that the holy warriors gathered to deepen their faith. Through meditating, communing and tithing at these sanctified sites, paladins discovered new ways to channel their healing and spiritual powers.[2]

The tradition continued after the end of the Second War. Archbishop Alonsus Faol decreed that the Knights of the Silver Hand should serve in the communities that had been devastated by war, helping their ailing populations. Uther the Lightbringer notably stayed at the Cathedral of Light of Stormwind City for several years.[3]

Third War[]

Old Hatreds - Theramore Isle - Cathedral

Cathedral in Theramore.

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Their function was replaced by the Arcane Sanctums, which took over the training of priests. Paladins were also a hero unit now and couldn't be trained as normal military units anymore.

Churches and cathedrals could still be seen as background objects during several missions in Lordaeron such as in Vandermar Village or Theramore Isle.

World of Warcraft[]

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Light's hope

Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands as it originally appeared.

Light's Hope Chapel

Light's Hope Chapel after its expansion.

Tranquil Gardens Cemetery

A chapel in Tranquil Gardens Cemetery in Duskwood.

Churches or chapels can be found all throughout Azeroth and beyond. While a few chapels have been abandoned or destroyed, some still remain intact. Most chapels are located in Lordaeron, with only two located in Azeroth. The most famous church is Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.

Abbeys are more uncommon, with the most famous of them being Northshire Abbey and the two others being in Scarlet Crusade territories.

Cathedrals are bigger religious buildings, serving as the central church for major cities. Most cathedrals are situated in human lands but that is not always true - the ancient night elven city that became Sargeron had a cathedral named after Elune, and Suramar City had the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Shattrath was described as a cathedral city,[4] and the city of Telmor also had a smaller cathedral.[5] Finally, Capital City had its own cathedral, where Jaina Proudmoore and Arthas Menethil met for the first time.[6]

Known churches[]

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