Citadel of Loyalty (quest)

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VenthyrCitadel of Loyalty
Start Mikanikos
End Mikanikos
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 950
Rewards 2g 57s 40c
Previous N [60] Heavy is the Head...
Next N [60] Lowering Their Defenses, N [60] Disloyalty


Meet Mikanikos at the Citadel of Loyalty.


The medallions, the source of magic the crown focuses, are still bent to the will of Denathrius.

Forge cannot solve this. Citadel of Loyalty can.

Taken over by the Forsworn in recent times. If we can get the crown to the temple, we can break the loyalty to the medallion's former master.


You will receive:

  • 2g 57s 40c
  • 950 XP


Here we are. I'm glad we have your friends here too.

We are going to need it if we hope to reach the temple.


On accept
Mikanikos says: Crown is being bent to Denathrius's will by his lingering influence.
Mikanikos says: To fix, must reach the Citadel of Loyalty.
General Draven says: We will meet you there, <name>.
Arrival at the Citadel of Loyalty
General Draven says: Apologies for the delay, <name>. Convincing our new ally of my flying ability proved difficult.
Mikanikos says: I am fine. We need access to the Temple to fix the crown. Protected by a barrier. Must disable.


  1. N [60] How to Wear Seven Medallions
  2. N [60] Hidden Mirror
  3. N [60] A Tense Reunion
  4. N [60] Right our Wrongs, N [60] No Friend of Mine, N [60] The Right Stuff
  5. N [60] A Perfect Circle, N [60] Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons
  6. N [60] Crown of the Harvesters
  7. N [60] Heavy is the Head...
  8. N [60] Citadel of Loyalty
  9. N [60] Lowering Their Defenses, N [60] Disloyalty
  10. N [60] Face Your Fears
  11. N [60] The Prince's New Crown

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