• Clam Meat
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 16c

Clam Meat can be found in the protective shells of small mollusks.


This meat can be found in Giant Clams under the water as well as on creatures under level 30 that live near the sea.

According to comments at Wowhead, the best place to farm this is from Shore Crawlers on the beach of Westfall[25, 66]. It provides an excellent way to skill up Cooking from 90 to 150 by using  [Recipe: Clam Chowder]. Sea Crawlers in Westfall[32, 23] also offers an excellent level-up area for Cooking as they drop drop  [Small Barnacled Clam] which always contain a  [Clam Meat], and they also drop  [Crawler Meat], which is used in  [Crab Cake]

As an ingredient


Exp. Skill Item Reagents Tools Source
WoW Icon update.png 50  [Boiled Clams] 1x [Clam Meat], 1x [Refreshing Spring Water] Trainer
90  [Clam Chowder] 1x [Clam Meat], 1x [Ice Cold Milk] Trainer

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