The Class Hall set is a type of armor set that was acquired from completing content in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion.


Class Set
Death Knight Death Knight Deathlord's Battleplate
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Battlegear of the Shattered Abyss
Druid Druid Dreamgrove Raiment
Hunter Hunter Guise of the Unseen Path
Mage Mage Vesture of Tirisgarde
Monk Monk Grandmaster's Finery
Paladin Paladin Battleplate of the Silver Hand
Priest Priest Regalia of the High Priest
Rogue Rogue Battlegear of the Uncrowned
Shaman Shaman Raiment of the Farseer
Warlock Warlock Vestments of the Black Harvest
Warrior Warrior Battlelord's Plate


All pieces of this set can be purchased from the Order Hall's quartermaster.

Slot Requirement Item Level
Head Reach Level 110. 810
Wrist Recruit 6 Champions for your Class Hall. 810
Hands Reach Honored with The Nightfallen. 820
Legs Defeat the final boss of 8 different Legion dungeons. 820
Chest Complete your Class Order Campaign. 830
Feet Reach Revered with 2 Broken Isles reputations. 840
Waist Reach Level 110. 840
Shoulder Reach Exalted with The Nightfallen. 840

The gloves and shoulder armor can also be purchased from First Arcanist Thalyssra at Shal'aran in Suramar, who sells them with a Nightfallen reputation discount.

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