An adventurer being the paladin Class Order leader in the Sanctum of Light, as seen in the Legion feature trailer.

Class Orders (or simply Orders) are a Legion gameplay feature which represent the collective effort of each class to band together and face the threat posed by the return of the Burning Legion.[1] With tensions between the Alliance and Horde preventing faction leaders from working closely, heroes joined existing class orders or formed new ones who decided to focus on this threat, and do what needed to be done.[1] The bases of operations of the class orders are called order halls. The player becomes the leader of his/her character's class order and commands its champions and troops.

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With the Horde and the Alliance in disarray, players must seek out and bring together other like-minded champions to stand against the demonic hordes. In Legion, each player will take charge of an Order Hall—a site of great power linked closely to a character’s class and cause. The Order Hall will serve as each hero’s base of operations—and a bastion of hope—during their journey to the Broken Isles. From there, players will send NPC followers on missions to help defend Azeroth from the demonic incursion . . . and forge their Artifact into a Legion-felling force to be reckoned with.[2]

List of class orders

This list shows the different classes' Class Orders. As the Order's leader and top agent many story elements (such as quests) related to Legion will refer to the adventurer by their Class Order title. Class titles can also be obtained as actual titles. Campaign describes the story elements the character participates in through quest chains. To see a class order's campaign in detail, go to the order's respective page. Note that they are still under construction and some might be absent.

Class Order Order Hall Leader's title Description Campaign
Cenarion Circle
Dreamgrove Archdruid,
Guardian of G'Hanir
The druids of Azeroth gathered together to fight the Emerald Nightmare and the Legion The druids were the first to learn of the return and spreading of the Emerald Nightmare in Val'sharah. The Circle finally managed to open a Dreamway portal to the scarlet realm and save the Ancient Malorne who had been taken by the corruption.
Netherlight Temple High Priest Priesthoods of all denominations united against a common enemy[3] After many years of study, the Conclave managed to turn the void god Saraka the Lighteater back into the naaru Saa'ra. They also saved Natalie Seline and rallied the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow to their cause. Attacked by the dreadlord Balnazzar, they managed to defend their Temple with the aid of the paladins of the Silver Hand and reinforcements from the Army of the Light.
Council of the Black Harvest
Dreadscar Rift Netherlord,
First of the Black Harvest,
Overlord of the Dreadscar
The greatest warlocks of Azeroth cooperating against the Legion The Black Harvest conquered the Legion world of Dreadscar Rift after having been made captured there by the pit lord Jagganoth. They submitted the powerful Eredar Twins, dealing yet another great blow to the dreadlord Mephistroth.
Earthen Ring
Heart of Azeroth Farseer The most influential shamanistic organization on Azeroth The Earthen Ring worked to install new Elemental Lords in Skywall and the Firelands, and managed to establish an alliance between them against the Legion.
Demon hunter
Fel Hammer Slayer, Hand of Illidan The armies of Illidan Stormrage The Illidari sought Illidan's soul lost in the Twisting Nether in order to return it to its body, retrieve the  [Sargerite Keystone], and hunted down the traitors Caria and Varedis Felsoul.
Death knight
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Acherus Deathlord Independent death knights freed from the will of the Lich King The Ebon Blade's purpose was to create a powerful weapon against the Legion by reforming the Four Horsemen, re-establishing ties with the Lich King in the process.
Knights of the Silver Hand
Sanctum of Light Highlord An order formed from every paladin order on Azeroth The Silver hand spent much of their focus on hunting down Balnazzar. After the latter launched a massive assault on the priests of the Conclave, the paladins went to aid them and together with the reinforcements from the Army of the Light, repelled the attack and killed the dreadlord.
Order of the Broken Temple
Temple of Five Dawns‎ Grandmaster The new order of monks succeeding the previous destroyed one After defending the Peak of Serenity and the Temple of the Jade Serpent from the Legion, the monks set out to create the powerful Stormbrew, a special brew that greatly empowers the drinker, as a weapon to defeat the Legion.
Hall of Shadows Shadowblade,
A secret organization deciding the fate of this world After the return of the Legion, the Uncrowned operated in Stormwind, exposing the work of the dreadlord Detheroc who had impersonated Mathias Shaw, head of the SI:7, in order to incite King Anduin Wrynn against the Horde, and defeated him.[4]
Hall of the Guardian Archmage[5],
Conjuror of the Tirisgarde
The powerful champions of the mage-guard of Dalaran The Tirisgarde investigated Archmage Vargoth's disappearance and discovered he was being manipulated by the dreadlord Kathra'natir. They rescued him and imprisoned Kathra'natir inside the Nightborne Soulstone.
Unseen Path
Trueshot Lodge Huntmaster An order of hunters blessed by the eagle spirit Ohn'ahra Hunt down Hakkar the Houndmaster and his new type of felhunters
Skyhold Battlelord The chosen warriors of Keeper Odyn The Gjallarhorn was sounded in order to rally the titanic Keepers from Ulduar. The Valarjar descended upon Azeroth and took control of the Legion portal in Felblaze Ingress, from which Hymdall opened a gateway to the demonic world of Niskara in order to rescue Keeper Hodir from his fel corruption.

Current status

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The current status of the Class Orders with the Fourth War and its end is largely unknown, though Khadgar, Kalecgos, and the rest of the Council of Six all apparently opt to remain out of the conflict. However, most of the Class Order banners and symbols (with the notable exceptions of the Valajar banner for the Alliance, and the Silver Hand and Valajar banners for the Horde) remain visible after the end of the Fourth War in both Stormwind's Training Hall and Orgrimmar's Barracks, implying they still exist in some likely diminished form, and retain working relationships with both factions.

The Conclave is mentioned to have remained together as of the War of the Thorns, during which Anduin Wrynn requested their aid and assistance to tend to kaldorei refugees entering Stormwind,[6] although Calia Menethil eventually leaves their Temple to settle in Kul Tiras, then travels to Orgrimmar to join the Horde Council. Two of its leaders, Moira and Velen, both sided with their peoples and the Alliance against the Horde throughout the conflict.

The Knights of the Silver Hand seems to have been fractured, with some of the Horde members under Lady Liadrin, her Blood Knights and the Sunwalkers openly fighting against the remaining Order now led by the returning founder Turalyon at the Battle for Stromgarde.

The Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring were apparently struggling to tend to Azeroth's wounds in Silithus. The Circle apparently allowed the night elves (led by one of their leaders Malfurion Stormrage) to return to Nordrassil after the end of the war; it is implied by Yukha that while the kaldorei retain working relations with the neutral druids of the Circle, the Horde Council members are not openly welcomed in Mount Hyjal without a neutral party interceding.[7]

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