Class Trial can be selected as a checkmark on the character creation screen.

Previously the Class Trial was shown at the top of the character creation screen.

The Class Trial is a feature that allows any player to test drive a new character before deciding to use a Character Boost. The trial characters are playable for eight hours or until receiving the first artifact weapon and creating the Order Hall. Once the trial is over, the character will be locked from further play. Then a character boost can be used to permanently unlock the trial character.

The newly-created character will appear either on the Sword of Dawn or the Tempest's Roar gunship above Icecrown. Previously, during Battle for Azeroth the gunship appeared above the Seething Shore, during Legion, it appeared on the same gunships but right before the Battle for Broken Shore. Before that, during Warlords of Draenor, it appeared ready for the assault on the Dark Portal scenario.


  • Trial characters cannot enter raids or low-level dungeons.


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