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Class ideas

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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

These are general ideas for classes that may be added to World of Warcraft in a future expansion pack.

Note that some classes may be saved for hero classes. The distinction between current hero and regular classes is that of higher starting level, better starting gear and starting locations.

Some of these ideas could potentially be future specializations for existing classes.

Note: classes need to have some basis in lore with citations.


Russel the Bard a dwarf bard in a tavern.
First seen in Cataclysam

The Bard is a popular speculative musical class with ideas drawn from a number of different fantasy games. It could use ballads and music to buff party members and do crowd control.

See also Bard (hero class) for Blizzard's April Fool's joke about this idea.

Icon-RPG.png Note: Bard is a class specifically said not to be relevant to the Warcraft world. This may make it less likely to be used as a class idea by Blizzard.[1]

Profession related class ideas

Alchemy themed class (Apothecary/Chemist/Potion doc)

Goblin Alchemist building seen in Warcraft 2
Alchemist neutral hero unit seen in Warcraft 3
Alchemy is a primary profession in World of Warcraft
Apothecary NPCs first seen in World of Warcraft
Potion doc only established in Warcraft RPG

Apothecaries are Forsaken or Human specialists in the field of chemistry and biological organisms, mainly using potions and scrolls to change and do harm to their enemies. This could be considered for an addition class because it could be used as the first primary debuffer/healer.

The Potion doc class is featured in the Warcraft RPG Horde Player's Guide. They are masters of Alchemy and are similar to the Warcraft III hero unit Goblin Alchemist.

They could fill the role of a Healer with throwing potions that heal and add buffs. They could also act as ranged DPS by throwing explosive and poison potions.

Engineering themed class (Inventor/Sapper/Tinker/Technician/Mechanic)

Goblin Technician in Ashenvale.
Gnomish Inventor building & Goblin Sappers & Demolition Squad units seen in Warcraft 2
Mortar Team & Goblin Shredder units & Tinker hero unit seen in Warcraft 3
Engineering is a primary profession in World of Warcraft

A possible technology-based class for gnomes, goblins, and other races.

Steam Warrior

Steamwarriors (a.k.a. Steam Warriors) are mechanics who take their skills to the battlefield by building walking suits of phlogiston-powered armor. Though the armor of most Steam Warriors takes on a generally humanoid form, a suit's functions are as individualized as its pilot. The only activity most Steam Warriors enjoy more than using their armor in combat is tinkering with it between battles, improving old functions and adding new ones.

Some were born to steam, gifted with the measures of mechanics and systems, and possessed with an unquenchable thirst for invention. Among those inventors are individuals who push their creations to the limits of technology, testing them in battle, and relying on them for their survival. These are the Steam Warriors.

They were also heroes in Warcraft 3.

Techno mage

More than just tinkering mages, the Techno mage can heal, control robots, place spells upon explosives, and do many other things. When you combine technology and magic, nothing is out of reach.

Inscription themed class

Inscription is a primary profession in World of Warcraft
Inscriber is a class in the Warcraft RPG

Inscribers are arcanists who have discovered the strange arts of rune-casting; a technique for channeling the arcane energy inherent in the world without the risk of arcane corruption.

Dark inscribers use runes to channel necromantic and/or demonic magic.


Tauren runemaster in the Warcraft RPG.
Only a few seen in WoW in Northrend, originally established in Warcraft RPG

The Runemaster is a monk-like hand-to-hand melee fighter that originated in the Warcraft RPG (More Magic and Mayhem). All lore from the PnP RPG is approved by Chris Metzen before it goes into print and some lore is co-developed by the two teams (MMORPG and PnP RPG). Therefore, it is possible that the World of Warcraft developers might draw inspiration from the PnP RPG for future developments, as they appear to have done with The Nightmare. Based on the RPG the Runemaster would probably be a class for tauren or dwarves if included, with night elves, orcs, or trolls being possible as well.


Prospector NPCs first seen in World of Warcraft
Prospector is a class in the Warcraft RPG

These individuals travel to every corner of the world. They could have advantages in finding precious metals, artifacts and maps of unknown areas. They must have good defense because you never know what you will run into out in the world without backup. Basic healing would also be a trait, since they usually travel solo or in small groups and must take care of themselves when far from civilization.

See Archaeology.

Another melee weapon class


Assassination is a Rogue class specialization in World of Warcraft

Assassins specialise in disposing of their victims quickly and efficiently, and are unique in that they can kill an enemy of their own level in a single blow (only once per 5 minutes, wouldn't want to make it too easy!). They can also use sniper rifles, which allow them to do heavy damage from a great distance.

See Rogue.


Brigand first seen in Warcraft 1
Bandit first seen in Warcraft 3
There is a Rogue specialization called Outlaw

Bandits are stalking rogues, masters in advantaged combat. This could be a additional specialization for Rogue, specialized in Combat spells and stunning and debuff spells. Possible Bonus: A stunning ranged/thrown weapon spell, a fear/surprising/incapacitating spell, some debuffs....

An irregular soldier who has permission to carry weapons, but may also practice highway robbery and plunder. They are usually the malefactor, and resort to violence when it benefits them. Willing to work for anyone, when not employed they are basically outlaws.

See Rogue.


Troll Berserker first seen in Warcraft 2
Berserker is a description of the Fury Warrior specialization in World of Warcraft

This could be a new class for some of the more barbaric races (most of whom are within the Horde).

Most warriors currently in Warcraft wear extremely heavy armor, yet there are other fighters who wear far less (orcish Grunts for example). It could be similar to Fury warriors, specially for Horde players.

Icon-RPG.png Primal are those warriors who revel in their bestial rage and give into it completely. As they slowly take on an increasingly beast-like appearance, they also gain powerful and violent abilities.

See Warrior.


Fighters are masters of melee dps, being agile and strong. They are specialized in combat spells, dealing damage to a single enemy or all nearby enemies with powerful spells. It could be a Rogue specialization. They can wear mail armor.

Possible spells:

  • Devastation - All frontal enemies within 10 yards receive high amounts of damage.
  • Area Strikes - Channeled: Increases your chance to parry and dodge by 50%. In addition, you hit a random enemy target in an 8-10 yd radius each second with high damage. Duration: 10 seconds.
  • Fire Blade - Instant Fire damage as well as a bit of DoT.
  • Frost Blade - A small amount of frost damage, but the enemy gets frozen in place.
  • Shadow Blade - Stuns the enemy for 2 seconds and applies a considerable debuff to the target.

See Warrior.

Another ranged weapon class

These could be additional specializations for Hunter.

Ranger/Dark ranger/Sentinel/Mountaineer/Scout

Elven Ranger first seen in Warcraft 2
Dark Ranger first seen in Warcraft 3

The Ranger class has appeared in numerous Warcraft games, especially in the ranks of elves. Rangers could wear leather or mail armor and have a longer range (through talents too).

Possible spells:

  • Crippling Shot - Incapacitates the target for 5-8*s.
  • Searing Arrow - Instant fire damage and DoT.
  • Frozen Arrow - An arrow that freezes a 10 yd area, causes a bit of Frost damage and reduces movement speed of all enemies by 75% for 3s.
  • Whistling Shot - Makes a noise that scares all enemies in an 8 yd area for 5s.
  • Aspect of the Chameleon - Puts the hunter in stealth mode, but you can't get closer than 5-10* yds to an enemy.
  • Aspect of the Dragon - Increases spell power by 100-175* and all resistances by 125-200*.
  • Owl Wisdom - Buff that increases spell power by 125-250* and spell critical chance by 3-9*%.
  • Survival Aids - A spell that does a small amount of healing.

All numbers with an * are talent-improved.

It could have 3 talents branches:

  • Magic Shots: Increases stats for spell damage shots (i.e. Searing Arrow), some spell-improving Aspects (i.e. Aspect of the Owl) and increases spell and Intellect stats.
  • Marksmanship (Similar to Hunter): Increases ranged physical damage shots or spells (i.e. Physical crowd control spells and Crippling Shot). Increases ranged attack power, ranged critical strike chance, and agility.
  • Survival-Wilderness (Similar to Hunter): These would implement the use of a stationary pet by using the RPG Druid/Ranger ability: Summon Nature's Ally (1,2,3,4). It could take the place of a stable.

Ranger/Scout Ideas by Starvethedead.

Wilderness stalker

Spearman first seen in Warcraft 1, Troll Axethrower seen in Warcraft 2

A wilderness stalker could be a hybrid melee/ranged class that specializes in Thrown Weapons like the Trolls in Warcraft 2 & 3. Wearing chainmail, it could be similar to the Hunter, but with a greater focus on melee abilities. Abilities could include:

  • Double Throw
  • High aggro attacks/taunts to pull enemies off Hunters/Healers/Magic Users.

Could be a second line damage sponge to relive tanks of minions during raids.

Witch Hunter

(By Stanislav Vladev aka Stan0033.

A versatile warrior/archer class dedicated to destroying spellcasters. Wears MAIL.

Inspired by: - spell breakers (wc3), witch doctors (wc3)

- Shadow Hunter (wow)

- Runemasters and witchcraft.

Races: every race can be it!

Class type is: - normal/non-hero - begins at level 1.

Allowed weapons: one handed and two handed weapons of all type and ranged weapons of all type. Daggers, Staffs and wands too. for archery: also glaives!

Traits of class:

- bonus to herb gathering skill

- faster milling (inscription)

- 1% passive resistance to all kinds of magic.

- faster disechant (enchanting)

- can cast ability berserk on a friendly unit that increases its attack speed (3min cd)

- shows on minimap nearby enemy spellcasters (mage, warlock, priest, shaman, druid)

- can create a summoning circle that can summon and enemy or friends targeted spellcaster. (60 min cooldown)

It has 3 specializations:

Heroism - melee specialization. wears melee weapons as priimary weapons.

Archery - ranged specializtion. wears ranged weapons as priimary weapons. Can also equip a new type of weapon: GLAIVE

Sorcery - melee and ranged HEALER spec. wears melee weapons as priimary weapons. can use wands.

How can be introduced?

- there are already witches on Kul Tiras. - Voodoo magic is a thing. Sorcery, Necromancy,

- WoW needs another mail armor type hero, and WoW also need another ranged-weapon hero.

Base aabilities:

magic defense - gain spell immunity but move slower

Disenchant - doe snto need the profession to disenchant items.

Break Spell - remove 1 debuff from or friend unit or a buff from a enemy unit.

Rune Field - place runes on the ground, making the area prevent spellcasting from enemy units inside.

Detect magic - activate to sharpen your senses, allowing you do detect invisible units.

Anti-Magic Rune - place on the ground a rune that will dispel 1 buff from enemy units that pass on. If the unit is invisible it will instead make it visible.

Cleanse Evil - make an enemy spellcaster flee in fear for X seconds. Witch Hunter's Curse - Curse an enemy player unit. the healthbar of the unit will be at 5% for X seconds, confusing the player.

Runes of Destruction - buff that makes each attack destroy also mana. Only one runes buff can be active.

Illusion - makes 2 illusions of yourself that only the targeted unit can see. The illusions can be controlled like pets. Lasts X seconds.

Heroism abilities:

Cleansing strike - deal X damage and has a chance to dispel 1 buff

Runestrike - deals X damage + bonus X for each buff it has. Runes of Strength - buff to give bonus attack. Only one runes buff can be active.

Power Boost - sacrifice X health to gain % attack for X seconds. Effect decreases slowly. Raise Dead - raises a dead party or raid member with a ritual.

Force Dream - stun that forces a target unit to dream.

Control Elemental - gain temporary control over a targeted elemental.

Omnilinguist (passive) - understand all languages.

Prey on Witches - become invisible for the targeted spellcaster.

Big bad voodoo - make eveyrone but yourself invulnerable.

Voodoo doll - mind control lasting X seconds. (as CC)


Runes of Endurance - buff that gives bonus armor. Only one runes buff can be active.

burning arrow

silencing arrow black arrow

feedback arrow

Runes of speed - buff that gives bonus attack rate and movement. Only one runes buff can be active.

Sorcery abilities:

Curse Bolt

Frost Bolt

Fire Bolt

Shadow Bolt

Holy Bolt

Healing rune field - place healing runes on the ground that passively heal.

Runes of healing. - buff yourself to heal more and regenerate faster. Only one runes buff can be active.

Rune circle of lifesteal - feeds the caster with the health of the enemy units inside every second.

Rune circle of domination - stuns continuously enemy units inside for X seconds.

Rune circle of mass dispel - dispels enemy units inside and pets.

rune circle of teleportation - can place multiple. Can use Teleport to rune to teleport to the targeted rune circle.

TEleprot to rune circle - teleport to a targeted rune circle of teleportation.

Animate Dead - raises up to X dead units arouynd to serve you for X secs

Disguise - take the appearance of a targeted enemy unit, also making you friendly with whatever reputation they have, so others wont attack you. Effect breaks when attacked, attack or cast a spell.

Cripple - makes enemy unit move and attack slower and have less attack. Voodoo Mark - mark an enemy unit for X seconds. You can occasionally stun it, interrupt its casting, order it to stop moving or turn.

Caster class ideas

Druid of the Nightmare (or of the Fang, Flame or Swarm)

Elerethe Renferal corrupted form in the Emerald Nightmare.
Druids corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare seen in Legion
Druid of the Swarm seen in Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne
Druids of the Flame first seen in Cataclysam
Druids of the Fang first seen in World of Warcraft
Druid of the Nightmare is a variant class in the Warcraft RPG

This class was added in Dark Factions WoWRPG book for the pen-and-paper RPG. This has some ties to Emerald Dream (which was said to be featured in an expansion). They are basically druids corrupted by the Nightmare during their dreamwalks or people who are intentionally helping the Nightmare. Druid of the Nightmare use dark and mad magic of the Emerald Nightmare to fight their enemies. These druids work against nature, destroying plants and animals.[2]

Perhaps Druid of the Nightmare could be redeemed to fight fire with fire, to follow the "redeemed corrupted hero" cliche which Blizzard seems to favor as the Death Knight class shows us; or, quite possibly, Druid of the Nightmare might remain uncorrupted like the uncorrupted warlock. They would have alternative shapeshifting froms

See Druid.


Necrolyte unit seen in Warcraft 1
Acolyte & Necromancer units seen in Warcraft 3

The Necromancer (also see Necrolyte and Acolyte) was originally planned as a class for World of Warcraft, but did not make the cut.[citation needed]  Blizzard wanted all classes to be different, and the design was simply too close to that of the warlock. This could be a warlock specialization.

The Warlock is a summoner while the Necromancer would raise dead. Just like the Hunter trains pets and the Warlock summons pets, the Necromancer would get a Raised Minion. The Minion would be the Necromancer's main pet and as you find different dead creatures you would be able to raise them as a minion just like a hunter taming their pet, without the trouble. As the Necromancer levels up, he will be able to raise different undead although like the hunter, there will obviously be some things you cannot raise. The Minion will have a paper doll equipment status.

Shadow Hunter/Witch Doctor/Hexer

Vol'jin stated to be a shadow hunter, but was shown as a witch doctor in warcraft 3.
Witch Doctor & Shadow Hunter first seen in Warcraft 3
Hex name themed NPCs seen in World of Warcraft. Hexer is a prestige class in the Warcraft RPG

The Witch Doctor troll unit was featured in Warcraft III, and some parts of it were wrapped up into the WoW Shaman class.

A Shadow Hunter was a horde hero unit in Warcraft III. For World of Warcraft it could have Rogue-like combat attacks with Shaman healing and Warlock curses. It could be a Shaman specialization. Spells could include:

  • Voodoo Backfire — When cast the target's next spell has a 50% chance of backfiring.
  • Voodoo Mirror — All damage from the next attack done to the caster is given to the target.
  • Hex — Turns the target into a Frog for 10 seconds.
  • Healing Wave — Heals the target and jumps to other friendly units.

Diablo 3: The Witch Doctor is also featured in Diablo III. The Diablo version has a chain swarm ability and diseases. This version is similar to a Death Knight, but is a caster rather than melee.

See Shaman.


A blend of the mage and warlock class (and could appear as a specialization for either), possibly featuring non-demonic 'familiars' or heavier armor (especially with the Battlemage).

See Mage.


First seen in Warcraft 3

The Spellbreaker was a Warcraft III blood elven anti-magic unit, which the Silvermoon City Guardians resemble. It could end up being a specialization for an existing class such as Mage or Paladin. Would be a strong support (CC/Debuff/Utility) class.

See Paladin or Mage?

Spirit Walker

First seen in Warcraft 3
Spirit walkers are a type of Shaman

The Spirit Walker Tauren unit was featured in Warcraft III, and some parts of it were wrapped up into the WoW Shaman class. It could end up being a Shaman specialization.

See Shaman.


Conjurer unit seen in Warcraft 1

Summoners (are potentially priests who have given up their role as healers and sought more holy and shadow powers) pursued their training into harnessing the powers of creatures of lore under command. Summoners with the help of the creatures will be able to heal, tank, dps depending on which creature he chooses to summon. The Summoner talent tree is separated into 3 branches: Astreal, which increases healing strength, Divine, which will allow the summoner to control their pet in such a way to be able to tank, and the Templar tree, which increases your spells and your pet's dps strength. The summoner will be able to keep up to four creatures with him/her at all times. Summoners capture creatures by entering portals around the world which bring them to temples where they can capture the temple's creature.

See Priest, Shaman, Mage and Warlock.

Classes based on hero units


Beastmaster first seen in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Beast Mastery is a Hunter class specialization in World of Warcraft

The possible Beastmaster class could be manifested from features in The Frozen Throne in the shape of Rexxar. Since Beastmasters are Hunters, based in Beasts Mastery abilities, they are unlikely to be a future class.

Possible Bonus: Multiple pets, more spells for pets (and a bigger pet bar), etc.

See Hunter.


Blademaster first seen in Warcraft 3
Gladiator established as a class in Warcraft RPG that cowers the Horde blademasters

Blademasters were an agile, "samurai"-like Orc hero from Warcraft III. They were skilled orcish swordsmen who came from the original Burning Blade Clan. Parts of this class were rolled into the warrior and rogue classes. It could be a warrior specialization.

Possible bonuses: Mirror Image - The Hero makes false duplicates of himself to fool the enemy. One-on-one fighting spells for tanking/DPSing powerful bosses in PvE....

See Warrior.

Far seer/Pyremaster

First seen in Warcraft 3
Far seers are a type of Shaman

The Far Seer was an orc Shaman hero unit from Warcraft III. It could end up being a separate Shaman specialization.

Possible bonus: Spirit Wolf Pet

See Shaman.

Mountain King

First seen in Warcraft 3

The Mountain King was a dwarven hero unit from Warcraft III. As a Hero Class, this could come from any of the Dwarves' original classes as they are all based on melee combat.

Possible bonuses: The transformation into an avatar, and becoming immune to most magic.

See Warrior.


First seen in Warcraft 3
Maiev Shadowsong is shown as a alternate hero for the Roque class in Hearthstone

The Warden was a Night Elf hero unit in The Frozen Throne. It could be a Rogue specialization.

Possible bonuses:

Mounted class (Knight/Raider/Mounted warrior)

Knight and Raider units seen in Warcraft 1
Mounted warrior is a prestige class in the Warcraft RPG

The Knight is a class based on the Raiders and Knights of previous Warcraft games. Unlike the similarly aligned Paladin, a Knight would fight on a mount and specialize in polearms. It would probably be a melee tank, possibly with a few buffing skills.

See Warrior.


Gryphon Rider unit seen in Warcraft 2

Similar to Falstad in Heroes of the Storm.

Classes only established in RPG books


For centuries, the great dragonflights have noted the potential of younger races. In a few select cases, they choose a creature of another race to be one of a select few with the privilege of directly serving a dragon or an entire group of dragons. Such devotees dedicate their lives to the protection and service of their dragonflights, and reap the benefits of the great knowledge and power that their draconic masters share. Rumors say that the first dragonsworn were the forefathers of the dragonspawn race.


The Exemplar is a very malleable class inspired by real world standard bearers. It could use totem-like battle standards and warhorns (left-hand items) for buffs, spells, crowd control, etc. It could also possibly use both melee and ranged weaponry. It contains some similarities to shaman/warrior/hunter classes and the aforementioned bard class.

Spirit Champion

A Spirit Champion is a mighty warrior who embraces the spirits to assist him in his battles. He strengthens his spiritual connection until he can feel the spirits flowing within his body and thoughts, strengthening his arms and quickening his mind. Whispered fragments impart insight into battle as ancestors speak of ways to overcome all foes. The spirit champion ceases to fight for his own reasons; he battles to honor the spirits and to further their wishes. Often these wishes coincide with his own, but occasionally the spirit champion embarks on a path for reasons that are unclear to him. He does so faithfully, trusting in the spirits to point him in the right direction.


Techslayers are often misunderstood. They do not hate science, only science used for evil purposes. Techslayers are adept at the use of technology, but they use their abilities to build, nurture, and protect - and, of course, stamp out destructive tech wherever they find it.

One of the Techslayer's primary motivations is to eliminate the chaos created by rampant, uncontrolled science. Techslayers often come from backgrounds that take them close to nature. Druids and shaman, for example, sometimes take up the techslayer's path.

Counterpart of Steam Warrior.

See Druid & Shaman.


"Argent Dawn templar" is a prestige class in More Magic and Mayhem RPG sourcebook. This could be a Paladin specialization.

See Paladin.

Classes intentionally left out of RPG books

Mystic theurge

Not established in Warcraft

Blurring the line between divine and arcane, mystic theurges draw power from divine sources and musty tomes alike. While most spellcasters choose one path to magical power, mystic theurges walk two roads at once, simultaneously mastering spells common to clerics and wizards.[3]

The Mystic would be a class similar to the Mage, Shaman and Warlock classes; being a combination of a spell caster and healer with some melee and special abilities that allow chain spells, chain healing, and chain curses. It would also have mystic runes (with effects like damage and healing over time) with special effects. For example, if a Mystic dies they could trade a mystic rune for a resurrection (obviously restricted to higher levels). This class would most likely be for the night elf, blood elf, draenei and troll races.

Alternatively, it could be a specialization for an exiting class.

Note: Mystic Theurge (a.k.a. mystic) is a class specifically said not to be relevant to the Warcraft world.[1] This may make it less likely to be used as a class idea by Blizzard.

See Shaman.

Other user class ideas