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The Claws of Ursoc,  [Claws of Ursoc] (main hand) and  [Claws of Ursoc] (off-hand), are the artifacts used by Guardian Druids in World of Warcraft: Legion.



Forged from titansteel by the titanic watcher Keeper Freya, these claws were her gift to the great bear Ursoc, one of the Wild Gods. He wielded the claws in countless battles until his death during the War of the Ancients. Although his body faded away, the claws remained, and legends say a fragment of his spirit lingered within them. After wrestling the claws away from Ursoc's furbolg followers, a band of druids took the claws to the Emerald Dream, sought out Ursoc's spirit, and returned the claws to him for safekeeping.[1]

Artifact traits


Ability Ranks Linked powers
  [Adaptive Fur] 1 Reinforced Fur
  [Bear Hug] 1 Vicious Bites; Wildflesh
  [Bestial Fortitude] 4 Embrace of the Nightmare; Jagged Claws; Mauler
  [Bloody Paws] 1 Jagged Claws; Perpetual Spring
  [Embrace of the Nightmare] 1 Bestial Fortitude; Jagged Claws; Mauler
  [Gory Fur] 1 Ursoc's Endurance
  [Iron Claws] 1 Rage of the Sleeper; Vicious Bites; Wildflesh
  [Jagged Claws] 4 Bestial Fortitude; Bloody Paws; Embrace of the Nightmare
  [Mauler] 4 Bestial Fortitude; Embrace of the Nightmare; Roar of the Crowd
  [Perpetual Spring] 4 Bloody Paws; Reinforced Fur; Wildflesh
  [Rage of the Sleeper] 1 Iron Claws
  [Reinforced Fur] 4 Adaptive Fur; Perpetual Spring
  [Roar of the Crowd] 1 Mauler; Sharpened Instincts
  [Sharpened Instincts] 4 Ursoc's Endurance; Vicious Bites
  [Ursoc's Bond] 1 None
  [Ursoc's Endurance] 4 Gory Fur; Sharpened Instincts
  [Vicious Bites] 4 Bear Hug; Iron Claws; Sharpened Instincts
  [Wildflesh] 4 Bear Hug; Iron Claws; Perpetual Spring

Hidden trait:   [Blood Claws]


Ability Ranks
  [Fortitude of the Cenarion Circle] 1
  [Scintillating Moonlight] 4
  [Fleshknitting] 1
  [Pawsitive Outlook] 1
  [Concordance of the Legionfall] 50



Achievement:   [Fighting with Style: Classic]

This is the default appearance Recover one of the Pillars of Creation Recover   [Light's Heart]
  [100 - 110] Light's Charge
Complete the first major Campaign effort with your order
    [103 - 110] Idol of the Wilds

   Upgraded: Stonepaw

Achievement:   [Fighting with Style: Upgraded]

Complete the druid Order Campaign
  [Forged for Battle]
Unlock every artifact trait
  [Power Realized]
Research the full history of the artifact
  [Part of History]
Obtain eight rare archeological finds
  [This Side Up]

   Valorous: Avatar of Ursol

Achievement:   [Fighting with Style: Valorous]

Complete the Balance of Power questline
  [Improving on History]
Kill eight world bosses
  [Unleashed Monstrosities]
Complete a Mythic Mode Dungeon using a level 15 keystone
  [Keystone Master]
Earn the achievement   [Glory of the Legion Hero]

   War-torn: Fallen to Nightmare

Achievement:     [Fighting with Style: War-torn]/    [Fighting with Style: War-torn]

Participate in Player vs. Player combat and reach   [Honor Level 10] Reach   [Honor Level 30] Reach   [Honor Level 50] Reach   [Honor Level 80]

   Challenging: Might of the Grizzlemaw

Achievement:   [Fighting with Style: Challenging]

Complete the The Highlord's Return questline Defeat Heroic Kiljaeden after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Win 10 rated battlegrounds after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Defeat all Legion dungeon bosses after unlocking a challenge artifact appearance

   Hidden: Guardian of the Glade

Achievement:   [Fighting with Style: Hidden]

Acquire   [Mark of the Glade Guardian] Complete 30 Legion dungeons after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Complete 200 World Quests after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Kill 1,000 enemy players after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance



The weapon model
  • Rather than changing the weapon's model, changing the artifact appearance will instead change the model for your   [Bear Form].
  • Encountering Archdruid Glaidalis with the claws triggers a special conversation.
  • Aranelle comments on the weapon.


Patch changes


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