Clean Up

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NeutralClean Up
Start Jeer Sparksocket
End Jeer Sparksocket
Level 78
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 21600
Rewards 6g 80s
Previous N [78] Luxurious Getaway!
Next N [78] Just Around the Corner


Jeer Sparksocket at K3 would like 10 pieces of Charred Wreckage.


To the point... Ricket's asked me to put together some stronger land mines, but I'm running low on parts.

Just west of town, you'll find the remains of our last rocket sled... Ricket got a little excited when she was fueling it, but I probably should have thought to not put the nozzle right over the exhaust. Live and learn, eh?

There should be a good stock of spare parts scattered around the destroyed sled... why don't you go ahead and chase off those scavengers and nab me some of that wreckage?


You will receive: 6g 80s


We have to have something we can use to insolate our engines against this cold... think Jeer, think!

Oh hey! Did you get some of that wreckage for me?


These will do nicely, thanks!

Did you see Dim out there? I sent him out a long while back and he never came back. I hope he's alright.

Speaking of which... I wonder where Janks is...


  1. N [78] Luxurious Getaway! (Optional)
  2. N [78] Clean Up
  3. N [78] Just Around the Corner
  4. N [78] Slightly Unstable
  5. N [78] A Delicate Touch

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