NeutralCleaning Bills
Start Scrollsage Nola
End Scrollsage Nola
Level 30-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 Storm's Wake
+75 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards  [Nola's Shawl]
or  [Tidespeaker Armbands]
or  [Darkwater Armbands]
or  [Stormchaser Wristguards]
or  [Dread Corsair Wristguards]
23g 40s
Previous A [30-50] A Turtle's Invitation (optional)
Next N [30-50] Cave of Ai'twen


Clean 8 Oily Sandbill Pipers

  • Sandbills cleaned (8)


The Venture Company contaminates our pristine waters with toxic oil.

My people are strong and will endure this until the time is right to strike back. The creatures with soft skins cannot wait. We must act now and save them from this danger.

Collect and scrub clean any oily sandbill pipers you see. Quickly, before it's too late!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv back mail kultirasquest b 01.png [Nola's Shawl] Inv bracer cloth kultirasquest b 01.png [Tidespeaker Armbands]
Inv bracer leather kultirasquest b 01.png [Darkwater Armbands] Inv brace mail kultirasquest b 01.png [Stormchaser Wristguards]
Inv bracer plate kultirasquest b 01.png [Dread Corsair Wristguards]

You will also receive:


Don't waste time. There is much cleaning to do.


These smallest of victories are the foundation for the Venture Companies defeat.


Pick up N [30-50] Swimming Lessons and N [30-50] Don't Play with Matches before heading out.

Start killing a path north along the coast, cleaning bills (while mounted!) and finding scrolls along the way. The last scroll is out west north of Fort Daelin.


Optional breadcrumb at Deadwash: A [30-50] A Turtle's Invitation

  1. N [30-50] Cleaning Bills & N [30-50] Swimming Lessons
  2. N [30-50] Cave of Ai'twen
  3. N [30-50] Flavorable Offering & N [30-50] Response Required
  4. N [30-50] I Like Turtles
  5. N [30-50] Deep Sea Venture & N [30-50] What's Yours is Mined
  6. N [30-50] Battle Victorious

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