Spell holy purify.png
  • Cleanse
  • Level 12 Holy paladin ability
  • 40 yd range
  • 6.5% of base mana
  • 8 sec cooldown
  • Instant
  • Cleanses a friendly target, removing all Poison, Disease and Magic effects.
Usable by
Class Paladin
School Holy
Cooldown 8 seconds
Other information
Level learned 12
Improvements [Cleanse the Weak]
Foul magics, poisons, and diseases all fall before the cleansing Light.[1]

Cleanse is a level 12 Holy paladin ability. One of the more versatile debuff removal abilities, Cleanse removes all poison, disease and magic effects from the target.


Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Now also removes all Magic effects, but is only available to Holy; Protection and Retribution get [Cleanse Toxins] instead.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Now removes all Poison and Disease effects.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): No longer removes magic effects.
  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): Cleanse and [Purify] range increased to 40 yards.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.1.0 (2004-11-07): Moved to level 42, mana cost increased.
  • Test-inline.png Patch 0.7 (2004-06-15): Moved to level 30.
  • Test-inline.png Patch 0.6 (2004-04-13): The ranges for [Purify] and Cleanse have increased.

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