NeutralClear the Way
Start Chen Stormstout [32.1, 68.3]
End Chen Stormstout [36.0, 69.0]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 129000
Rewards Item level 399 trinkets
10g 20s
Previous N [87] Knocking on the Door
Next N [87] Cleaning House
For the removed quest in Western Plaguelands, see A [52] Clear the Way.


Slay 10 Ale-Addled Hozen or Mischievous Virmen.


Are you seeing this? Virmen, hozen, and water sprites... all pouring out of the brewery doors and windows! What the heck is going on in there!?

There is another entrance, on the eastern side of the brewery. I'm going to run over there and try to figure out what's going on. In the meantime, see if you can't get rid of these creatures. There's nothing worse than a drunken hozen.


Item level 399 trinkets
Inv fabric soulcloth.png [Silkspawn Wing] Inv feather 05.png [Plainshawk Feather]
Ability hunter mendpet.png [Lucky "Rabbit's" Foot] Inv qiraj huskoldgod.png [Viseclaw Carapace]
Trade archaeology antleredcloakclasp.png [Tawnyhide Antler]

You will also receive: 10g 20s


This brewery - it's a disgrace to the Stormstout name! Something needs to be done!


I've had just about enough of this brewery. I'm starting to think that you and I should just bust down the wall and clean house.


  • 129000 XP


On accept:

Chen Stormstout says: See you on the other side, <name>.
  • Chen Stormstout yells: Mudmug, Li Li... follow me!
  • Chen Stormstout says: I'd better catch up to Mudmug... he might not know where the brewery's rear entrance is.
  • Chen Stormstout yells: Li Li, wait up! I didn't tell you where the brewery's rear entrance is!
  • Chen Stormstout yells: Li Li, Mudmug, wait up!
Chen takes off..

Pick up N [87] The Fanciest Water and N [87] Barrels, Man before taking off.

Ook-Ook, a level 89-elite hozen with 32.7 million health is running up and down the path, but will only throw barrels at players and not mash them in to a fine paste. Click on the bonus action button to escape from the barrel once Ook-Ook has passed.

Plenty of hostile hozen and virmen, neutral water sprites, and barreled pandaren in the area.


  1. N [87] Knocking on the Door
  2. N [87] Clear the Way, N [87] The Fanciest Water, N [87] Barrels, Man
  3. N [87] Cleaning House
  4. N [87] Stoneplow Thirsts

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