For the Vol'dun quest, see H [30-50] Clearing the Fog.
  • 15 Achievement points
  • Return 15 memories to the Runecarver.

Clearing the Fog is the third in a series of three achievements regarding memories for the Runecarver in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. These memories serve as recipes to craft legendary equipment.

This achievement is account-wide - not all memories need to come from one character.

In-game cutscene

The instant that players turn in the fifteenth memory, an in-game cinematic plays. It shows a memory, from the imprisoned Runecaver's perspective:

The Jailer says: Look at you. Pathetic. A puppet dancing on strings.
Runecarver says: I will not break... I will not break... I will not...
The Jailer says: Fool. Your mind is already broken.
The Jailer comes into view as he walks slowly around the Runecarver's Oubliette.
The Jailer says: But even a broken thing can be made to serve.
The Jailer says: Countless secrets extracted. Insidious designs forged into weapons for my armies.
The Jailer stops in front of the Runecarver.
The Jailer says: But I require... more.
The Jailer unleashes beams of energy from his hands and the camera shakes violently.
Runecarver says: (screams in pain)
The Jailer says: Your grandest design... to claim the final prize.
The Jailer says: The secret that the First Ones sought to hide.
The Jailer says: Yes. Your finest mourneblade...
The Runecarver looks up. An image of Frostmourne appears in the Jailer's left hand.
The Jailer says: ...and a crown fit for the king of the damned.
The image is replaced with one of the Helm of Domination.
The Jailer says: The vessels... of Domination.


  1.  [It's Coming Back to Me...]
  2.  [Recollection Collection]
  3.  [Clearing the Fog]

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