Clever Ashyo (quest)

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NeutralClever Ashyo
Start Xiao [84.1, 21.0]
End Clever Ashyo [61.2, 34.2]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 12900
Rewards 1g 2s
Previous N [87] The Search for the Hidden Master
Next N [87] Ashyo's Vision


Find Clever Ashyo.


I'm not sure where Clever Ashyo got his "Clever" title from. All jinyu are clever, and I wouldn't say that he's any more clever than most of them.

Quite the opposite, actually.

At least he's a capable fighter. He did well enough at Tian Monastery to be selected for our training mission.

If you want to help him look for the Hidden Master, you can find him along the Valley's northern border.


You will receive: 1g 2s


Where have I seen you before?


  • 12900 XP


Pick up N [85] Ken-Ken, B [85] Kang Bramblestaff, and N [87] Lin Tenderpaw before heading out. These quests will not be quickly completed, as they all lead to other zones, so focus instead on the quests around Pang's Stead with N [87] Low Turnip Turnout.

Ashyo can be found at New Cifera in the Valley of the Four Winds. Players will be sent there while on N [87] Li Li's Day Off, which takes place about 10 quest-steps from where this was picked up.



  1. N [87] The Search for the Hidden Master
  2. Complete all of:

Quest chain:

  1. N [87] Clever Ashyo
  2. N [87] Ashyo's Vision
  3. N [87] The Golden Dream

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