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Clint Langley

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Clint Langley is an artist who contributed artwork for the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game and Hearthstone.


Heroes of Azeroth

Are We There Yeti.jpg A Donation of Wool.jpg Tooga's Quest.jpg Toreks Assault.jpg Besh iah.jpg Seva Shadowdancer.jpg Latro Abiectus.jpg Smite.jpg The Love Potion.jpg Panax the Unstable.jpg Kena Shadowbrand.jpg Battle of Darrowshire.jpg The Defias Brotherhood TCG Card.jpg

Through the Dark Portal

Bluffwatchers TCG Card.jpg Scorch TCG Card.jpg Swiftshift TCG Card.jpg Eye of Kilrogg TCG Card.JPG Mind-numbing Poison TCG Card.jpg

Fires of Outland

The Ultimate Bloodsport TCG Card.jpg Broan Charges-the-Fight TCG Card.jpg

March of the Legion

Blessed Protector TCG Card.jpg Neophyte Morandi TCG Card.jpg Crystalfire Staff TCG Card.jpg Wound Poison TCG Card.jpg

Servants of the Betrayer

MornWalksthePathTCG.jpeg Aura of Fanaticism.jpg Smash.jpg

The Hunt for Illidan

Brace or Mace TCG Card.jpg Bait the Trap TCG Card.jpg Seal of Retribution TCG Card.jpg

Drums of War

Elizabeth Crowley TCG Card.jpg Quakelord Razek Warhoof TCG Card.jpg Shadow Word Anguish TCG Card.jpg Greater Chain Lightning TCG Card Drums.jpg Boarguts the Impaler TCG Card Drums.jpg

Blood of Gladiators

Rorga Trueshot TCG Card.jpg The Crash of Tides TCG Card.jpg


Souldrinker Bogmara TCG Card.jpg Quakelord Razek Warhoof TCG Card.jpg Munkin Blackfist TCG Card.jpg


Spiritwalker Kavi'je TCG Card.jpg Wanton Warlord TCG Card.jpg


Instant Poison TCG Card.jpg

Onyxia Treasure

Onyxia Tooth Pendant TCG.jpg

Molten Core Raid

Rune of Mohn TCG card.jpg Magmadar TCG Card.jpg

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