Image of Clora
Gender Female
Race Kyrian (Humanoid)
Level 50-52
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ascended
Location Aspirant's Crucible, Bastion[53, 83.45]
Status Active
Companion(s) Sophone (Soulbind)

Clora is a kyrian initially located in Forgelite Sophone's forge at the Aspirant's Crucible in Bastion. Soulbound to Sophone, the pair are among the first to be selected for ascendency since the anima drought began. As part of the trial of ascension, the two are sent to a world of the living in order to shepherd a soul beyond the veil.[1] They are successful in their mission and shortly afterwards granted their wings at the Crest of Ascension, with Clora chosen as a disciple of courage.[2]

After the Forsworn rebellion is brought to an end with the rededication of the Temple of Loyalty as instead Devotion, Clora is present at the ceremony in which Adrestes is empowered as the first Paragon of Devotion. She personally thanks the Maw Walker for their assistance in the kyrian's affairs, and their role in aiding the Shadowlands as a whole. Artemede is also complimentary of Clora's ability as a disciple.[3]


My Soulbind seems to have taken a liking to you. I suppose I ought to thank you--she was beginning to lose some of her spark, without her forge.
Say hello if you happen by in the Temple of Courage.

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