This article is about the Bastion creatures. For the blue drakonid, see Varos Cloudstrider.

Lighthoof Roamer.

Cloudstriders[1] (also known as owl steeds[2] and lighthoofs) are feathermanes found in Bastion. They resemble a mix between stags and birds, with hooves and antlers but also beaks and feathers.


As a hunter pet

Main article: Feathermane

Cloudstriders are tamable by hunters as part of the Feathermane family. In order to tame Feathermanes, hunters must purchase the  [Tome of the Hybrid Beast] from Pan the Kind Hand at Trueshot Lodge at a cost of 1000 Order Resources.

Notes and trivia

  • During the Shadowlands alpha, cloudstriders originally used a model based on the  [Swift Windsteed] mount. Some quests and items also referred to them as kirin,[3][4] a reference to the qilin, a creature from Chinese mythology on which the Swift Windsteed's appearance is based. Later in the alpha, they received a new, unique model and almost all references to "kirin" were replaced with "cloudstrider".


Alpha models