AllianceCoaxing the Spirits
Start Yalda
End Yalda
Level 5-30
Category Darkshore
Experience 1050
Reputation Darnassus
Rewards 0g (+6s 60c at max level)
Shareable Yes
Next A [5-30] Call Down the Thunder


Coax the spirits from Thundris Windweaver, Elissa Starbreeze, Taldan, and Caylais Moonfeather.


Your friends back at the refugee camp are unaware of the true and imminent danger that the Twilight's Hammer cultists have already brought into the world.

For you to deal with that, we'll first need to get some help from the dead of Auberdine.

Search through the ruins of the town and find the corpses of Thundris Windweaver, Elissa Starbreeze, Taldan, and Caylais Moonfeather. Coax the spirits from their bodies and then return with them to me here.


You will receive: 0g (+6s 60c at max level)


I sense that you have not quite coaxed each of the spirits of the four I sent you after. Return when you have, and <name>, hurry. We are almost out of time!


So much death and pain. Can there be any doubt that there is more yet to come?

All I wish to do is move onward into the Goddess's embrace as do these others.

But first, let us see if we can keep even more misery and destruction from being spread.


Thundris Windweaver [39, 38]

Thundris Windweaver's corpse lays sprawled out here, the apparent victim of the Twilight's Hammer's machinations.

Gossip Coax Thundris Windweaver's spirit.

Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze [40, 41]

The sentinel's body rests here, the apparent victim of the elemental onslaught that has overtaken the town.

Gossip Coax the spirit out of Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze's corpse.

Taldan [38, 41]

Here's where Taldan served his last drink.

Gossip Coax Taldan's corpse to give up its spirit.

Caylais Moonfeather [38, 43]

Far too powerful for these elementals, Caylais and her hippogryphs must have been struck down by something else.

Gossipgossipicon.png Coax the spirit out of Caylais Moonfeather's still corpse.


  1. A [5-30] Coaxing the Spirits
  2. A [5-30] Call Down the Thunder

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