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Code of Rule is a short story by Ryan Quinn featured on the official site, released 19 March 2015. The story depicts how Imperator Mar'gok came into the Iron Horde's service.

Official description

From the Savage World page on the official site:

Faced with the prospect of extinction before the growing Iron Horde, the Sorcerer King of the ogres, Imperator Mar'gok, plots to ensure Highmaul's survival at any price. But what can Mar'gok offer those who so eagerly seek his people's demise?


Grommash Hellscream declares war on Highmaul and demands that they prove their worth. Being overwhelmed by the Iron Horde, Imperator Mar'gok parleys with Grommash and offers the power of the Forgers. In a demonstration of this power, Mar'gok makes one of his magic breakers immune to warlock magic. Impressed, Grommash calls off the siege and inducts Highmaul as servants of the Iron Horde.


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  • Mar'gok is described as having four eyes while his picture and in-game model portray him with three eyes.


  • The short story is the first story of the "villain series" first mentioned by Micky Neilson on Twitter.[1][2]